Ethos and Values

The goal is for all our students to feel that they can believe, achieve and succeed.

Our Mission Statement

Sirius Academy North (SAN) is where every child achieves and believes in success.

Our Shared Vision

Sirius Academy North strives to be an inclusive, purposeful and high achieving educational community, delivering an outstanding learning experience.

SAN Pledge


Equality, Diversity and British Values

Equality statement

Sirius Academy North is committed to creating an environment that will promote equality of opportunity for all members of its community. The academy will provide an appropriate and exciting learning experience for all students to enable them to achieve as highly as possible, regardless of race, origin, culture, gender, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

Sirius Academy North will help prepare young people for life in our culturally, ethnically, diverse society.

The Academy is committed to a fair and equal treatment of all individuals regardless of disablement. It welcomes applications from people with disabilities seeking to join the Academy community as students and staff.

British Values

At Sirius Academy North we promote ‘British Values’ through our spiritual, moral, social and cultural education which permeates through the school’s curriculum and supports the development of the ‘whole child’.

At Sirius Academy North, we recognise that such development is most successful when those values and attitudes are promoted by all the staff and provide a model of behaviour for our students.

‘British Values’ have been identified as:


The ability to communicate is the most important area of learning.  At Sirius Academy North we ensure that students are given a ‘voice’ to communicate formally though “Student Voice”. The method of using this ‘voice’ could be using words, objects, photographs, pictures, symbols, or body language.

We empower our students by giving them opportunities to make choices about the things that they believe to be important. By valuing each ‘voice’ and by listening and responding to that voice we demonstrate that we support democracy and liberty.

Students have opportunities to learn about democracy through the assembly programme as well have opportunity to conduct votes themselves to elect house captains and tutor reps. Our student voice programme allows students to get involved n all areas of Academy life, form the Active team to the Media team, from student council to the anti-bullying/prejudice team. In addition there are numerous opportunities for students to offer feedback

Rule of Law:

We involve students in setting codes of behaviour; helping students to make decisions and choices that are acceptable to the Academy community “One World - Our World” and society at large.

Students are helped to learn to manage their behaviour and take responsibility for their actions. Staff are committed to providing a consistent and predictable environment within the Academy and beyond.  We help students to understand the connection between actions and consequences. This type of environment enables students to feel safe and secure; this in turn, promotes the optimum conditions for learning to take place.

The Ferens fair deal teaches students the appropriate attitudes to give their views and report issues

Individual Liberty:

Students at Sirius Academy North are encouraged to become good and valued citizens. We do this by supporting each student to become as independent as possible. We endeavour to demonstrate that everyone has rights; this includes the right to say ‘No’ to ideas or activities that they do not want to take part in. Some students will be able to take responsibility for particular roles and to understand that with certain rights comes a level of responsibility. Learning to do things independently is an important part of learning to understand yourself.  We support others by participating in charitable events such as, Dove House Hospice, Help for Heroes, Remembrance, Hull Royal Infirmary Neo Natal Unit and Red Nose. At Sirius Academy North we believe that by engendering a caring and helpful environment and by learning to be independent can boost and nurture a healthy self-esteem. The Academy pastoral systems ensure that students all have access many levels of support and many avenues to give their views

Mutual Respect:

We promote each student’s inclusion, where possible, in a range of activities, settings and locations. As students move through the Key Stages from transition, further planned events and circumstances are planned for students to go into the community to meet with a range of people in a variety of situations which include: sports events, community events and shared participation with other schools/colleges.

It is important to facilitate opportunities for Sirius Academy North to be part of the community as the students, families and staff have much to offer in the development of community cohesion.

The student anti bullying/prejudice team work as part of Academy strategies to educate the Academy community on respecting others

Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs:

Sirius Academy North serves a multi-faith community where each person is respected and valued equally without regard to ability, gender, faith, heritage or race.

Cultural appreciation and development forms part of our curriculum and is further born our in our “One World-Our World” central hub. We place great emphasis on providing encounters and participation in events and celebrations to broaden all students’ experiences and awareness of others.

Our Assemblies help all students to find out about themselves and others linking their lives to the communities in which they belong. The themes cover areas such as: friendships, helping others and celebrations from a range of faiths and world events.

Students are encouraged to experience British Culture through our curriculum themes. For example, students have visited: Hull Museums Quarter and History centre, London museums, take part in British Science Week. As a school, we take part in local sporting activities which help to instil ‘fair play’ and engender a ’team spirit’. In December, the Academy creates a winter event for the students including a traditional British Xmas Lunch in which all students participate in which transcends ability, ethnicity, faith or gender.

The Academy and it’s students are currently working towards the culture and diversity award

Although some students at Sirius Academy North may find it difficult on occasion to articulate their feelings and concerns; staff are attuned to changes in attitude to learning and well-being that may indicate anxiety. If they are concerned about a student our accepted practice links to the Child Protection Policy / On-Line Training which entrusts a duty of care to all staff to actively protect and promote the welfare of children.

The staff work closely with parents, carers and other professionals to ensure that the students at Sirius Academy North are happy, safe and enabled to learn the skills they need to live a fulfilling life as part of their community.

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