Key Stage 4 Science

The science faculty at Sirius Academy North follows the AQA exam board specification at Key Stage 4.

This allows pupils to gain two GCSE grades throughout Key Stage 4, “Science A” and “Additional Science”. These qualifications have been selected to allow students to study aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics throughout each year in the Key Stage. These qualifications also ensure that those pupils who wish to can make the transition from GCSE to Post-16 courses very easily.

Some pupils in Year 9 choose to attend extra science lessons as part of the whole school options process. For these pupils an Entry Level Certificate course is currently followed. This allows those pupils to achieve an extra qualification and to prepare them further for GCSE courses they will attempt in the future.

A tailored intervention strategy is in place to support pupils who are struggling with aspects of the curriculum and provide them with extra support to help them achieve the best possible qualifications at the end of Year 11.

Our faculty rewards system encourages pupils to become “expert learners” in science and those pupils who achieve that status are entitled to attend visits which are designed to enable students to see the breadth of career opportunities which are available if science is studied to a higher level post-16.

After school and lunchtime revision sessions are in place to support pupils with exam preparation and to allow them to become “expert learners” across the whole school. A homework club is available supported by our faculty Teaching Assistant and all staff are willing and able to support pupils in any way they can to ensure that pupils reach their potential.

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