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Monday 9th October Maths and English G&T Challenge

Dear Head Teacher

Sirius Academy North would like to offer your Primary School the opportunity to engage in our Y6 Maths and English G&T Support Programme.

The event will provide a platform for pupils to access some KS3 Maths and English support, and increase the interaction between Primary and Secondary staff to develop professional support and dialogue.

Selection of pupils should be based around their current Maths and English levels, as the content of the challenge will be aimed towards a former Level 5/6. Pupils will be expected to collaborate in mixed groups and complete a series of competitive activities in an attempt to win prizes and rewards.

Event: Maths and English G&T Challenge

Venue: Sirius Academy North

Date: Monday 9th October 2017

Time: 9.50am-11.40am (Maths) and 12.20pm-2.10pm (English)

The event will form the first part of an extensive programme that will provide pupils with additional assistance in preparation for their forthcoming SATs. Pupils will also have the opportunity to visit the Academy in March and April for further support. Details regarding these sessions will be issued closer to the events.

Primary Schools can send as many pupils as they feel will benefit from the support and extension; however, these pupils must be accompanied by an appropriate member of staff. Primary Schools have the option of attending either the Maths or English sessions, or both.

It would be greatly appreciated if any interested Primaries could inform our Maths and English Departments of any specific themes or topics within Maths or English that need particular attention, so that the departments can structure an event that will meet the unique requirements of each Primary.

I would be extremely grateful if you could signal your interest in the event by replying to the contact at the bottom of the letter, identifying a key link teacher and appropriate contact details, and a register of those pupils that have been selected to attend. This will then enable us to plan accordingly.

Please contact me, via the contact information at the bottom of this letter, if you have any queries regarding the Sirius Academy Y6 Maths and English G&T Support Programme:

Yours sincerely

David Gordon
(Director of Transition)

Nadine Peacock
(Assistant Director of Transition)


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