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Careers Leader

Careers and Personal Development Officer

My name is Mrs Madden and I am the Careers Adviser and Personal Development Officer here at Sirius Academy North.

I have worked at the school now for several years – starting as the Home School Liaison Officer, then moving on to the Assistant Head of House for Triton, then the Assistant Head of House for Year 11 and then taking over the Careers role.

I have lots of interests including cooking, live music, reading, travel, walking and skiing.

I did go to Hull College when I left school but I didn’t go to University and I have worked since I was 16 years old - instead I chose to go to University and do my first degree only a few years ago, so I have a Foundation Degree in Learning Support. I then did my Level 6 (Degree level) in Career Guidance and Development (the highest level vocational qualification within the Careers and Advice Sector).

Here at SAN we take careers advice and guidance very seriously throughout KS3 & KS4 and I am available for any student or parent/carer to speak to. Students can pop into the Careers Hub that is based in the Helerup to see me either before school, after school or during breaks and lunches. Alternatively students can get their tutor to E-mail me and I will pop and find them for a chat. Parents/Carers can contact me to make an appointment on the E-mail system at [email protected] or Tel: (01482) 349600 Ex 2658, alternatively I am also available at parent’s evenings.

Careers Leader

The Careers Leader for The Constellation Trust is Mr P Rhodes, Director of Employment, Enterprise & Enrichment.  Our Careers Leader can be contacted via email: [email protected] or Tel: (01482) 352939.

All schools and institutions in the Constellation Trust offer impartial career advice at all times.

The Trust provides a programme of events throughout the academic year where students can have access to a comprehensive range of educational establishments, apprenticeship providers and employers in the area.

If you require any further information, please contact our Careers Leader.