Character Education

Character Education

At Sirius Academy North we prioritise the development of Character in our students. This is to best prepare every individual for the uncertain world that we live in. Areas of focus include grit; determination; growth mindset; confidence; resilience and determination are taught as part of a Character Education curriculum.

The curriculum is designed and delivered in conjunction with our performance coach, Kevin Mincher. Specific skills are taught, to include, memory techniques, using initiative; networking, notetaking, managing stress, self-belief; meditation, creatine thinking and problem solving.

All of these areas are proven to enhance life chances regardless of life stage.

Kevin comes into the academy to deliver half termly seminars to the students and staff. Each engagement introduces the theme to each year group and the lessons are followed up during lesson 1 each week. Over the years, the programme has proven essential in equipping the students with the necessary tools to overcome the challenges that we face in life, either during their school career or into adulthood. As part of the programme, the students are to set aspirational goals that are followed up and reflected upon weekly. This helps to focus the students mind and to give them a sense of pride when a goal is accomplished.

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Kevin Mincher is the founder of Unstoppable Teen. He is a leading performance coach, educational innovator and youth advocate.

Kevin started Unstoppable Teen in 1997. Since then more than 300,000 teenagers have attended Kevin’s seminars and completed his coaching programs.