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The Humanities Department at Sirius Academy North comprises three disciplines taught across both Key stage 3 and Key stage 4 - History, Geography and Religious Education.

Key stage 3 History aims to deliver the requirements of the History National Curriculum with an emphasis on enquiry and the need to cater for a broad range of abilities. The course promotes chronological understanding and encourages students to identify and explain change and continuity within and across periods of History especially with the use of original source material. Units of study are rationalised into key defining themes. The course promotes source analysis, extended writing skills and challenges students to become independent learners and researchers.

Key stage 4 consolidates earlier learning and has dual aims - to ensure examination success and to contribute to students’ broader education. Units of study are based around Medicine and Health Through Time, Weimar Germany and the Rise of Hitler, The American West c1840-1895 and a new study of Anglo-Saxon England and the Norman Conquest. History has been the most popular Key stage 4 choice for several years.

Geography at Key stage 3 also aims to deliver the requirements of the new Geography National Curriculum, with a focus on developing literacy, extended writing, knowledge of the world and making our diverse range of learners into responsible citizens.  The course promotes the understanding of both physical and human Geography and encourages students to understand different elements of the world they live in. Topics include, ecosystems, development, China, settlement, rivers, Africa and natural hazards.

Key Stage 4 builds on Key stage 3 with dual aims - firstly to ensure students have the best opportunity to meet and exceed their potential, and secondly to contribute to their broader education, preparing them for their next chapter, whether in training, work, or further study.  Two fieldwork studies are undertaken, and a focus on Human and Physical Geography.  Paper Three, UK Challenges, allows students to really understand Geographical issues prevalent in the UK today.  Throughout the course there is an emphasis on sustainability and also modern issues like ecosystem value and threats, globalisation, migration and energy resource management.


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