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Safeguarding at Sirius Academy North

Safeguarding is the responsibility of every person that comes into contact with a child. The Academy's Child Protection and Safeguarding policy lays out procedures to prevent incidents of potential harm through encouraging openness and support; to train staff to provide protection to young people; and to offer support where necessary. For details of the safeguarding procedures please see our Safeguarding policy here.

If any parent has a concern over the safety of their child please contact the Academy and request to speak to the Safeguarding Coordinator, Assistant Vice Principal with responsibility for Inclusion or The Headteacher.

Meet the Team:

Tom Smith
AVP Inclusion

Angie England
Safeguarding Co-ordinator

Ian Ravenscroft
Head teacher

Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 01482 349600 – Ask for the safeguarding team.

Safeguarding Information Links

CEOP - information on on-line safety for parents and students 

Child line - information and advice on bullying, health and mental and emotional health, sex and relationships, family issues etc

Child Berevement UK - advice on bereavement and also dealing with children who may be frightened following national, traumatic events such as terror attacks

Childnet - advice and activities for children, parents and staff on e-safety

On-line Safety

Staying Safe Online Leaflet