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Uniform and Appearance

The academy uniform is both practical and smart and a high standard of uniform is an important feature of academy life. Uniform is important to us as an academy because it allows our students to stand tall, have a sense of pride and self-respect for the way that they present themselves. We notice when people look smart and our students are often praised by members of the public and local community for the way that they look. Our   uniform is a clear message to everyone that we care about ourselves and each other.

Uniform can be purchased Via MyEd

Using the MyEd app parents/careers can access the online shop. This can be accessed by clicking on the student, going to the payment button and using the academy shop via +Pay.

Uniform represents an important form of respect and should be worn appropriately both within the Academy and when travelling to and from the Academy. The tables here clearly show what the Academy uniform is and what is not permitted.

Unifrom Downloads