Uniform and Appearance

A smart uniform, properly worn, is important as it presents a good personal image and instils the importance of appropriate appearance as a key skill.

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Black blazer with Academy logo
White shirt
Academy tie
Black jumper with Academy logo
Black trousers or knee length skirt
Black socks
Black leather shoes – plain without logos

PE Kit

Polo shirt with Academy logo
Black shorts / Black tracksuit bottoms
Training top/Fleece with Academy logo
Training shoes and/or boots


Not Allowed

Academy tie worn up to the top button and down to the waist band

Caps or scarves

Black Blazer with academy logo

Trainers or boots (except for PE)

White Cotton Shirt

Polo Shirts

Black School Trousers or Knee Length Skirt


Black Leather Shoes

Any footwear with logos

Sirius Academy North branded jumper (optional)

Non-Sirius Academy North branded Jumper

Sirius Academy North PE kit including polo shirt, shorts, rain jacket (boys), fleece (girls)


We ask parents/carers, and expect our students, to support our uniform policy. Students must wear the full Academy uniform at all times and take pride in their appearance.

PE kit must be brought to all Sport and PE lessons. If a student needs to be excused from PE then they must bring a note from their parent/carer explaining why they are unable to participate.

Longer term non-participation must be supported by a medical note.

Uniform represents an important form of respect and should be worn appropriately both within the Academy and when travelling to and from the Academy. The tables below clearly show what the Academy uniform is and what is not permitted.

Jewellery and Hair Dye


Not Allowed

Natural Hair Colours

Un-natural Hair Colours – Blue/Red/ Green/Pink/Purple etc.

Wrist watch

‘Gauge/Plug/Stretcher’ type earrings

One Necklace/Chain worn inside the shirt

Multiple ear piercings
Visible body or facial piercing jewellery

Un-natural nail length

1 flat ring

1 pair of stud earrings

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