Our Expectations

A piece of homework will routinely be set in every lesson.

In Key Stage 3 each homework activity should take approximately 20-30 minutes. In Key Stage 4 each subject will set approximately 1 hour of homework each week.

Students will be asked to record homework in their planners. Form tutors will monitor the homework activities given and sign the students’ planners each week. Members of the Senior Leadership Team will also monitor the setting and completion of homework tasks.

Students should clearly label homework in books and files with the title “Homework” so that it is clear to parents, students and teachers when homework has been completed.
In practical subjects teachers will keep a log of homework activities.

The development of our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) allows students to access their work electronically at home. This will open up exciting opportunities for homework where students will be challenged

to produce podcasts, electronic photo-stories and movies. The VLE allows all computer based work in
the Academy to be accessible at home at all times giving students the opportunity to improve and develop their work. Students also have access to MyWorks homework package and GCSE pod via the VLE.

Parents/carers are asked to support their son/daughter and encourage them to complete homework activities on time.

As with all work in the Academy students are encouraged to produce homework which they are proud of in terms of its presentation and quality.

Our Sirius Academy North

We believe in giving all students the opportunity to have an active voice to influence the decisions made in the Academy. To enable this, each House has Student Council Representatives where issues are debated, firstly in Form Groups then as a House Group. These issues are forwarded to the Academy Council which meets once
a month. Elected House Captains and Vice Captains also represent the views of students in the Academy.

The Curriculum

Sirius Academy North is proud of its curriculum which is, recognised as “carefully planned to meet the needs of the whole range of abilities and interest in the school.”

Our exciting and innovative curriculum aims to combine a rigorous core curriculum with a wide range of additional subjects and exciting enrichment opportunities.

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