Attitude to Learning

Discipline for Learning

A high standard of behaviour is an expectation within the Academy. Our new “Discipline for Learning” programme is designed to encourage students to take responsibility for their own actions and behaviour following our:

Sirius Academy North's Pledge

In addition we ask that no chewing gum is brought onto the Academy site.


We offer a wide range of incentives to encourage students to develop a positive attitude to learning. Students are awarded positive reward points for the following;

VIP Reward Cards will be issued for every 100 reward points. These cards last for one week and give access to the following:

Mobile Phones & Gadgets

We appreciate that parents/carers may wish their son or daughter to bring a mobile phone to the Academy for their personal security. However we ask that if parents/carers wish to contact their child during the Academy day please ring the main office on (01482) 349600. Mobile phones and other high value items are brought into the Academy at the student’s risk. The Academy cannot take responsibility for any item lost, damaged or stolen. Students are required to switch mobile phones off and ensure they are kept in their bags during lessons. If a student uses a mobile phone or any other gadget during lessons it will be confiscated and stored in a secure place until the end of the Academy day. MP3 players and mobile phones may be used in the social areas but not in the learning areas.

Celebrating Positive Attitudes to Learning

Students are challenged each week
to assess themselves against an 11 point scale as one of 4 learner types:

The student’s judgement is then checked and moderated by their tutor. Students assessed as “Expert learners” over a half term are awarded with an Expert Learner star badge. This is a badge of honour and identifies the student as one who is consistently outstanding in all respects.

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