Business and IT

Computer Science

With the ever changing technological world we live in, IT is an essential part of every day life. At Sirius Academy North Students will cover a range of topics in KS3 covering topics such as:

  1. Under the hood of a computer
  2. Think like a computer scientist
  3. Drawing and manipulating shapes
  4. Create an animation
  5. The foundations of computing
  6. How the web works
  7. Web pages creation from the ground up
  8. Designing for HCI: a hand held digital device
  9. Designing for HCI: an operating system interface
  10. Representing images
  11. Programme a calculator
  12. Programme a quiz

In KS4 students will be working towards the BCS ECDL this covers four units of work:

  1. Improving productivity
  2. Word Processing
  3. PowerPoints
  4. Spreadsheets

This course offers, Increases productivity and efficiency in the classroom, Online practice tests accessible from home, Global benchmark in IT user skills and is recognised by employers as proof of IT competence.


In KS4 students can opt to study a GCSE Business course. We offer the Business and Communication Systems course through OCR. This engaging course focuses on current and emerging communication systems technology. It allows students to explore and suggest improvements to communication systems within a business environment. It also develops the practical skills needed to maintain and use standard office software, including the main hardware and software components, and how these are operated within a business. The course is split into 3 units of work, one is a written examination, one a practical examination using a PC and the third students will complete controlled assessments in the classroom.

Extra Curricular

There are a number of opportunities for students to enjoy extra curricular activities in IT, we have a mine craft club over lunchtime. After school students can come and complete homework or work on addition IT based work.

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