In the creative arts we offer students a wide range of engaging subjects which will allow students to discover their creative potential, develop their independent skills and engage with a wide range of material which they will explore, respond to and reflect upon.

Students will work with on different projects which will allow them to develop their knowledge of the subject as well as work with a range of materials and textures whilst developing their own art work. Students will work on the following:

KS3 -


Enlargement grid project, covers drawing, oil pastel, painting and mixed media techniques as an introductory project.

Portraiture project- follows GCSE format with pupils carrying out artist research and coming up with ideas and experimenting towards a final canvas painting.

Ceramics project- again follows GCSE format with pupils carrying out observational drawing from natural forms, developing these into ceramic ideas which results in a final ceramic piece (vase, planter, sculpture)


Students will be introduced to a number of musical instruments, they will be given an insight into what life is like in the music industry as well as being encouraged throughout all lessons to develop their confidence and reflective skills. The students will look at the following:




Students will work on a number of different projects which are designed to introduce them to all the skills and techniques necessary to make a piece of successful Drama. They will learn how to work with others, share their ideas with confidence and lead a group. The students will look at a range of playwrights and explore how to bring them to life effectively for an audience. The students will



Playwrights - Willy Russell, Mark Wheeler, John Godber, Jim Cartwright, Sarah Kane

Unit one - Page to stage. Students will choose a published play and bring this to life working towards the playwrights intentions.

Unit two - Drama in the making. students will develop a group improvisation, a monolgue/duolouge and a design element based on a given stimulus.

Unit three - From concept to creation. Students will perform a script for an external examiner.


Students will be introduced to the course by looking at the formal elements of photography beginning with basics such as shutter speed, depth of field and composition.

They will then work on a number of projects following the GCSE format.

Projects include

Pupils will carry out a range of tasks to develop their photographic skills in preparation for the exam which takes place over a period of 2 days.

Pupils will research and explore artists work such as Jenny Holzer, Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Martin Parr & Burton Pritzker.

Pupils have access to a range of professional standard facilities such as digital SLR cameras, studio lighting equipment and a mac suite for editing.

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