Career Education

Careers Education

Careers Education is a crucial element in the work of Sirius Academy North's tutorial programme and general curriculum. It encompasses work in Years 7 - 13.

The Academy employs a Careers Officer who works to support individual students in Y11 as well as other year groups. Students receive all the pertinent information in order to plan their future education and employment pathways.

The Academy places great emphasis on the range of employability skills that all new entrants to the working world will need.

We have very close links with a large number of employers and education/training establishments. We work with them to provide up to the minute local career and guidance information.

All our students are encouraged to link with employment opportunities in a range of engaging ways including work simulation, trips to, and speakers from, local businesses. These broaden out to more formal and traditional work experience placements for post 16 students. We support the full range of career and pathway options that Sirius Academy West provides in the sixth form.



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