The English department facilitates students' progress towards becoming confident, creative communicators who are able to use the skills they have gained to propel themselves forward.

Students are encouraged to engage with literature and language used in real-life contexts; they develop a wider awareness of the world around them and a greater ability to empathise with others.

Key Stage 3

The journey begins in Key Stage 3 where students begin their time at Sirius Academy North. The initial unit of work, entitled ‘Me, Myself and I’, enables students to teach their peers and the staff about themselves as well as offering an opportunity to reflect on their own start to secondary education. The students then embark upon an exploration of a novel chosen to suit interest and ability. An encounter with Shakespeare develops confidence and understanding of how language has changed over time, as well as offering the students a chance to develop their speaking and listening skills. Students are then given an opportunity to showcase their writing skills in the creation of a media text before embarking on the creation of a short story. Finally, the first year at Sirius Academy North comes to an end with an initial inquiry into poetry; a year that will develop the foundation skills necessary to springboard our students into Year 8. Key Stage 3 continues with a focus on creative writing - allowing students to fine tune their writing skills in preparation for Key Stage 4. Students are then invited to explore a media text and discover how writing for purpose can enable them to persuade and entertain at their will. Reading skills are developed with further study of another novel and Shakespeare play before poetry skills are refreshed in preparation for what they will encounter at GCSE. Throughout Key Stage 3 students will be encouraged to become independent learners and self-managers through extended homework projects, the end result of which are celebrated with peers. Preparation of Key Stage 4 is developed through taster courses that aim to heighten engagement of students before they embark on their next year of study.

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 begins in Year 9 where the students explore a modern text before utilising the skills gained in Year 7 and 8 to explore poetry and Shakespeare. The students’ appreciation of the canon is expanded with a study of a 19th Century Novel before vital reading and writing skills are honed and prepared, ready for the next two years. Finally, before embarking onto Year 10, students are given an opportunity to reflect so far on what they have learnt about the perspectives and viewpoints of writers encountered in real-life contexts. Years 10 and 11 allow our students to reach their maximum potential through frequent and relevant exam preparation. Students work towards attaining two qualifications: English Language and English Literature. In gaining two GCSEs, students are better prepared to embark upon the world after Sirius Academy North - safe in the knowledge that their hard work has paid off.

Enjoyment and achievement is at the forefront of the ethos of the English department and enrichment opportunities are rife. Key Stage 3 students are offered the chance to become a Young Reporter through a programme run at the KC Stadium - one of many trips organised throughout both Key stages. The Key Stage 3 lunchtime creative writing club offers students the chance to express themselves and develop the flair required for Key Stage 4.

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