Key Stage 3 core PE

All students in KS3 will be given opportunities to produce complete pieces of work involving the following key processes of: Developing skills in physical activities, making and applying decisions, developing mental and physical capacity, evaluating and improving performances, making informed choices about healthy, active lifestyles.

The PE program of study for key stage 3 builds on the knowledge, skills and understanding students acquire at key stage 2. During the key stage students become increasingly physically competent by: developing the range and quality of their physical skills, improving their ability to use tactics, strategies and compositional principles, improving their capacity to perform effectively, improving their ability to analyse performance and make judgements about what makes a performance successful.

Through the range of activities and variety of roles that students experience, they begin to make informed choices about their own commitment to leading a healthy, active life. They begin to identify the types of activities and roles they prefer and are best suited to. They become more regularly involved in physical activity, both in extra-curricular provision and through clubs in the community.

Extra-curricular opportunities available:

Key stage 4  core PE

Students will be given the opportunity to use skills and techniques in larger and more challenging contexts that involve more participants and require increasingly complex tactics, strategies and compositional principles. Their physical competence is such that they are able to use skills and techniques within these demanding and changing situations that consistently show accuracy, precision, control and originality. Students will need to critically analyse performance and demonstrate that they understand how skills, tactics, compositional principles and levels of fitness relate to the quality and effectiveness of a performance.

Students begin to use their understanding of physical competence, high-quality performance and balanced, healthy lifestyles to select the roles and activities they wish to get involved in. They then pursue these regularly in school through the curriculum choices offered and are also encouraged to participate out of school in local and national sport, dance and healthy physical activity programmes.

The emphasis in KS4 at Sirius Academy North is that all students will make an informed choice about the activity areas that they wish to follow. Throughout the key stage the concept of 'Sports Education' will form the basis for many lessons, with all students getting the opportunity to perform in competitive situations and take on different roles in sport and exercise that interest them.

The PE department offers two pathways at Key Stage 4. When opting for this subject, you will start with an introductory unit of work based around the key principles of GCSE PE. This period of time will be used to determine and assess the strengths and abilities of the students. After these introductory period students will be placed onto either GCSE PE or BTEC PE course, and then follow this for the remainder of the course.

Examination PE KS4 Physical Education

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