The science faculty at Sirius Academy North follows the National Curriculum at Key Stage 3.

This gives pupils a balanced curriculum where aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics are studied throughout each Year. We strongly believe in the value of practical and investigative work and try to involve the students with as many hands on learning activities as is possible in each topic.

This year we have purchased a new scheme of work and text books to support learning throughout key stage 3. This scheme ensures that pupils are able to link science in the classroom with many of the technological developments which we now take for granted in our everyday life.

The science faculty wants pupils to engage with science outside of the classroom in as many ways as is possible. Our faculty rewards scheme enables pupils to take part in scientific events at , amongst other places, The University of Hull and The Deep and we have visitors come into the school wherever possible to allow students to see how gaining science qualifications can lead to exciting careers. Last year pupils were able to explore science based careers with BAE, the RAF and designing Virtual Reality environments.

We have a science club on a Wednesday lunchtime where pupils have the opportunity to carry out practical activities which are exciting and engaging and enables pupils to work towards the whole school “Expert Learner” status.

National Science Week is the highlight of the year for the science faculty. Last year the staff and pupils had a lot of fun engaging with science outside the classroom. Our lunchtime lectures were packed every day and staff showed the science behind explosions and fireworks, physics with a bang and a live rat dissection. In lessons pupils made pendants containing their own DNA, exploded water melons using elastic bands and the fine of a 10 man methane train was a sight to behold!

We want pupils to achieve in and enjoy science, to see the impact it has on everyday life and realise the many opportunities that are open to them through choosing to continue to study science Post-16.

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