Homework & Extended Learning

Homework and Extended Learning


Homework is designed to enrich students’ opportunity to independently learn beyond the classroom in order to make progress in lessons.


A piece of homework will routinely be set in every subject each week.

In Key Stage 3 each homework activity should take approximately 20-30 minutes. In Key Stage 4 each subject will set approximately 1 hour of homework each week.

Students will be asked to record homework in their planners. Form tutors will monitor the homework activities given and sign the students’ planners each week.

Class teachers will provide homework in different forms, some may be hard copies on paper, work booklets, research using learning platforms, past papers and other forms of study.

Members of the Senior Leadership Team will also monitor the setting and completion of homework tasks through department quality assurance.

Students should clearly label homework in books and files with the title “Homework” so that it is clear to parents, students and teachers when homework has been completed.
In practical subjects teachers will keep a log of homework activities.

Parents/carers are asked to support their son/daughter and encourage them to complete homework activities on time. Students are rewarded for completion of homework and sanctions are put in place for those students who choose not to complete homework. The library is open before and after school as well as break and lunch in order to give students ample opportunity to access resources to aid them in the completion of homework.

As with all work in the Academy, students are encouraged to produce homework which they are proud of in terms of its presentation and quality.

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