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Admissions Process and Applications / Deadline October 31st 2015

Posted: 29th September 2015 in News

The Admissions Team have received a number of concerns from parents of Y6 students regarding the current admissions selection. Confusion appears to have arisen due to the rebranding of Thomas Ferens as Sirius Academy North. Thus, parents selecting Sirius Academy as either their first, second or third preference, are not clearly stipulating a preference for either school.

Could you please carefully stipulate the specific school that your preferences apply to in the following way :-

Sirius Academy - West (Boothferry Road/Anlaby Park Road South)

Sirius Academy - North (Hall Road/Beverley Road and formerly Thomas Ferens)

Applications that have already been submitted can still be amended by contacting the admissions team on 300300. You will then be able to update your application by specifying a preference for either Sirius Academy West or Sirius Academy North.

If you have any questions or further concerns please don't hesitate to contact me  either Academy on 352939 or alternatively 349600