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[email protected] - Friday 13th March 2020

Message from the Head of School: 

This week I have been focusing on year 11 lessons. Year 11 are focusing on completing their studies in preparation for the final summer exams. The years spent in school will now pay off and we hope that all of our students will reach their full potential. 

Visiting year 11 classes demonstrates that they are ready. It is always great to see the effort of year 11's prior to the exams- they are really embracing the principle of no limits.

My advice to year 11 is to follow the levels of revision provided by subject areas, to ensure full effort in lessons and to access all intervention opportunities.

My advice to the other year groups is to attend very well and commit to homework, revision in lessons in order to prepare for their year 11. 

My advice to all year groups is to support our year 11's by ensuring that the Academy is calm and purposeful at all times.

A special mention goes to the year 11 students engaged in their hospitality and catering practicals. The meals produced were unbelievable. There was no shortage of tasters.

Curriculum Area students of the week: 


Congratulations to the inclusive sport team on winning gold at the latest competition at St Marys.

Man of the match performance by Abdullah and Jack W in the year 7 football game at Malet Lambert.


Drama: Jasmine Corbett for a fantastic performance of Veruca Salt




Arturs Billands and Thomas Little – fantastic effort and focus –well done!


Year 10 German students who worked very hard last week to embrace NO LIMITS and to prove what good language learners they are.  Well done everyone!


Miss Blanchard’s and Miss Spencer’s Y11 Friday morning intervention group – hard working, enthusiastic and making great progress.

Geography - 



Hospitality and Catering: The Y11 students completing the practical exams this week.

Textiles: Joseph Bwemere – Fantastic embroidery sample with Mr McNiff

Engineering: MacKenzie Lambert – fantastic attitude during his mock assessment

Noah Birkley – Vast knowledge of 3D printing and providing Mr McNiff with a refresher course

Y9 Options Evening 

Our Y9 Options evening takes place on Thursday 19th March 4-7pm. During our Options evening, we will do the following to help support your child make the right decisions:

Food and refreshments on the evening will be provided, so please come along.  Also we have competitions which your child does not want to miss! 

Head of House Award 

Michael Parker

Challenger 1 tutor Award 

Alex Chapman

Challenger 2 tutor Award 

Dianna Brett

Challenger 3 tutor Award 

Micheal Parker

Challenger 4 tutor Award 

Serrah Bojang

Challenger 5 tutor Award 

Reanna Ali

Challenger 6 tutor Award 

Hamed Zia

Challenger 7 tutor Award 

Lucy Hayley

Challenger 8 tutor Award 

Natalia Slawinski

Head of House Award 

Keira Bartlett

Discovery 1 tutor Award 

Brandon collins

Discovery 2 tutor Award 

Magdelena Baginska

Discovery 3 tutor Award 

 Jayden Withill

Discovery 4 tutor Award 

 Sophie Greenway

Discovery 5 tutor Award 

 Keira Bartlett

Discovery 6 tutor Award 

 George Gibson

Discovery 7 tutor Award 

 Marcos Najat

Discovery 8 tutor Award 

Harvey Johnson

Head of House Award 

Bradley Dawes

Enterprise 1 tutor Award 

Lily – May Hadley

Enterprise 2 tutor Award 

Daniel Young

Enterprise 3 tutor Award 

Terri Harrison

Enterprise 4 tutor Award 

Demi Shelton

Enterprise 5 tutor Award 

Jasmine Stubbins

Enterprise 6 tutor Award 

Wiktoria Zieba

Enterprise 7 tutor Award 

Lennie McKeating/ TJ Lawrence

Enterprise 8 tutor Award 

Ema Jakubauskaite

Head of House Award 

Courtney Beet

Pioneer 1 tutor Award 

Calum Hepworth

Pioneer 2 tutor Award 

Darcey Foster

Pioneer 3 tutor Award 

Levi-Amy Johnson

Pioneer 4 tutor Award 

Kaci Drury

Pioneer 5 tutor Award 

Amir Morton

Pioneer 6 tutor Award 

Abdullah Yaqot

Pioneer 7 tutor Award 

Patryk Wodczynski

Pioneer 8 tutor Award 

Laken Gale

Head of House Award 

Reece Towle

Voyager 1 tutor Award 

Ryan Leeson

Voyager 2 tutor Award 

Michelle Subar

Voyager 3 tutor Award 

Michalka Barasova

Voyager 4 tutor Award 

Kaden Williamson

Voyager 5 tutor Award 

Chloe Bowler

Voyager 6 tutor Award 

Dawid Konieczny

Voyager 7 tutor Award 

Elliott O’Connor

Voyager 8 tutor Award 

Harry Price

Academy Principle Winners

No Limits- Aaron Ogundele

Respect- Muhammed Ali

Support- Jamie Bell- Rais

Broadening Horizons- Otneil Tomache

Community- Aland Omar

Top Reward Points in Each House 

Noticeable Achievements: 



House Cup Events Calendar

WC- 16TH March

Reading Plus

Punctuality Cup

WC- 23rd March

Punctuality Cup Final

Reading Plus

WC- 30th March

1 v 100 Competition

Reading Plus

CAPA - Extra-Curricular Activities (all to take place in 1R4): 

Orchestra will be running on a Tuesday after school. All instrumentalists are invited to attend. This will run from 3.15-4.05pm. 

Ukulele Club takes place on a Thursday after school from 3.15-4.05pm. 

Vocalize also takes place on a Thursday after school from 3.15-4.05pm.  

Dance club (OK2) Thursday after school 3:05-4:00pm 

PE and Sport 

 Sirius Academy North 22 South Holderness 10

The much improved Sirius Academy North Year 8 Boys Rugby team played a strong South Holderness side in the 1/4 final of the Hull Schools Trophy and managed to win the game 22 - 10. The boys needed to dig deep for this result as South Holderness were a well organised side, but the work rate and teamwork from the Sirius North side carried them through to the semi finals.

Sirius got off to the best possible start when Edmund Mpawenimana broke through the defensive line and outpaced the chasers to score under the sticks, Cody Welham converted to make it an early 6 - 0 lead. Credit to South Holderness they really picked up their game and found some gaps out wide as the defence of the Sirius side struggled to slide across. South Holderness scored two well worked tries to take the lead for the first time, but the lead was short lived as the dangerous Harries Dukes was put into a gap and there was no stopping him, Cody Welham converted 12 - 10. It looked like that would be the halftime scoreline but just before the break a superb run by Cody Welham got him to near the tryline but as he was held up he somehow found a pass out to the supporting Isaac Gray who went over to extend the lead even further to 18 - 10 at halftime.

The second half was an outstanding team effort by Sirius North as they looked a lot more organised in defence, forcing errors from South Holderness with some great tackles. Lee Rumble and Hamza Ghorbandi were working overtime in attack as they made some great yards forward to get into some great field positions. Harries Dukes, Harrison Collins and Ellis Opie were willing runners and causing the South Holderness defence all sorts of problems. The quick thinking Mackenzie Kinsley was choosing the right options from acting half back to make it easy for the backs to get onto the ball. The game was sealed late in the second half when the impressive Lee Rumble ran onto the ball with pace and strength to somehow power his way through five defenders and get the ball down. The final score was 22 - 10 in favour of Sirius Academy North, they certainly worked for this victory, and it was fully deserved. This dedicated group of players just keep getting better and better. Next up is a Yorkshire Plate game away to Outwood Grange before they take on either Malet Lambert "B" or Beverley Grammer in the semi final of the Hull Schools Trophy.

Please congratulate the boys on not only their victory but also on their continued dedication, commitment and improved performances:-

1 – Lennon Jennison

2 – Callum Bamforth

3 – Kai Gilbey

4 – Harrison Collins

5 – Tommy Lee Senior

6 – Cody Welham

7 – Isaac Gray

8 – Lee Rumble

9 – Mackenzie Kinsley

10 – Hamza Ghorbandi

11 – Edmund Mpawenimana

12 – Harries Dukes

13 – Ellis Opie

14 – Michael Nelson

Player of the Match went to Lee Rumble


The First Story enrichment experience continues with our writer-in-residence, Russ Litten, each Tuesday in 1N11 with Mrs Mills. This week the group worked on a title for their anthology – the anthology will be launched at the end of June/early July – watch this space!

This term: 

Year 7s continue to read and analyse Shakespeare’s play: A Midsummer Night’s Dream. 

Year 8s continue to read and analyse a modern novel: Annabel Pitcher’s ‘My Sister Lives in the Mantelpiece’ or Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Shadow’, linking these novels to real life acts of terrorism that changed the world forever. Poetry from other cultures is being analysed and compared, linking to events and characters in the novels we are studying.  

Year 9s continue to read and analyse Shakespeare’s play: Much Ado About Nothing. Love poetry is being analysed and compared, linking to the relationships of characters Benedick and Beatrice from the play we are studying. 

Year 10s continue to read and analyse J B Priestley’s, An Inspector Calls in preparation for their English Literature GCSE and work on the skills needed to be able to access the English Language GCSE Paper 2. 

Year 11s continue to work on exam skills for reading and writing for their GCSE Language Paper 1 in preparation for their mock examinations this week. 

Before the end of term KS3 students will complete an assessment based on the novels and plays they have read during the Spring term, along with a creative writing task. These use the same skills needed to access GCSE Language and Literature exams.

KS4 students will complete mock exams following usual exam protocols.

Year 10 students should revise key themes and characters from J B Priestley’s, An Inspector Calls (BBC Bitesize is a useful resource).

Reading Plus enrichment sessions are available before and after school in 1N11. 

Reading Plus top students for most words read so far: 

Y7 – Dianna Brett (148,456)

Y8 – Grace Walgate (200,418) 

Y9 – Jack Newman (144,651) 

Y10 – Scarlet Rowland (180,248) 

Y11 – EmmaJane Drant (35,158) 

Reading Plus top students for most combos so far: 

James Wass – 40

Joshua Gray – 39

Isaac Gray – 37

Umair Sherwani - 35

Emily Hardy - 33

Well done to 8M1 who are currently top of words read (1,701,072)

As an academy we have read 8,467,088 words. 

Every student in Y7-Y10 (M pathway to S pathway should be accessing Reading Plus each week to complete their homework. If your child cannot access it or has forgotten their log in details, they need to speak with their English teacher or Mrs Anderson asap. 


HegartyMaths homework club on Monday morning from 8am in 0N1, and on Wednesday morning from 8am in 0N3. KS4 drop in maths session on Tuesday morning from 8am in 0N1. 


Year 7 – This half term all Year 7’s will be studying what life was like In the Middle Ages! They will be looking at the Death of Thomas Becket, why people went on Crusades and ending with was the world going to end in 1348? With the Black Death. All students will be completing their own How not to catch the Black Death Booklets.  

Year 8 – During this half terms Year 8 students will be finishing of their Slavery unit and moving onto the British Empire and how it changed the world.

Year 9 – Are all looking into why the Second World War started and what it was like in Britain on the Home front during the war.

Year 10 – Will be finishing off their Medicine Through Time unit and sitting an end of unit exam in the second week!! Make sure that you are revising. We will then start our second unit Anglo-Saxon and Norman Britain.

Year 11 – Keep revising!!! You have now got your Nazi Germany booklets to be working through.


Year 7- Students are studying settlement and have been set a competition to score as many points on homework over the next 5 weeks. Prizes to be given. Some super work done on settlement hierarchy and services. Megacities to be studied next.

Year 8- Students are studying Energy resources. Key word- Sustainable (are we all looking after our environment and resource use for future generations?)- Can we recycle more? Use less electricity? Turn TV’s off standby and be more environmentally aware?

Another homework competition – flashcards, mind maps, explanations, debates and research – can you score the most?

Year 9- An exciting topic on tourism (who doesn’t like talking about holidays?). Some students have written Trip Advisor reviews, others have been travel agents. Students have learned about tourism in Thailand, ecotourism and Blackpool. A wide-ranging topic that has sparked opinion and discussion- are we destroying the very environments we wish to visit?

Y10- Students have so far studied Changing Cities, Ecosystems and Management and Energy Resource Management. We are moving onto Weather Hazards and furthermore, Y10 mocks and fieldwork are being planned currently. Pupils have been set the task of finding out their own ‘Carbon Footprint’ for homework. Hopefully it should get students thinking about their impact on the world- ‘Think Global, Act Local’

Y11- Revise Revise Revise! You have the purple Edexcel A Geography 1-9 revision guides and workbooks. Now is the time to use them. We have revised in class nearly all the units now (just Landscapes, Rivers and Coasts to go) but students must be dusting off their revision books if they are to meet or (hopefully) exceed their target grades.  Students can also fill their boots with the masses of topic by topic quizzes set for them on Seneca. Watch out for Friday intervention invites (breakfast provided) and Thursday nights after school.


Year 11 – REVISE.  The speaking tests are taking place week commencing 20th April and all students have speaking test answers which they need to be revising.  Their teachers will have given them specific instructions as to what they should be revising and when.  Easter interventions will all, be about the speaking exams.  Students will be invited in for one full day for revision and then for an appointment of 30 minutes to complete a mock speaking exam.

The listening and reading exam is on 12th May and the writing exam is 15th May so this final push is really important now.  Good Luck!

Upcoming events / activities  

Final Thought

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

The next parental bulletin will go live on Friday 20th March 2020; enjoy the week