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[email protected] - Friday 17th January 2020

Message from the Head of School:

This week we have been talking to students about what we want to achieve as an Academy in 2020.

The most successful schools always pull together to achieve their goals.

Our curriculum principles are:

"No limits". We expect all of our students to put no limits on their progress and attitude. We expect high standards of learning and expectations because this will help each student within the Academy and beyond.

"Respect". We expect all of our students to be respectful of others, the environment and their education.

"Support". We want all our students to access the wide range of support we offer, when needed. We expect our students to support each other. We have extremely dedicated support staff who provide fantastic support.

"Broadening Horizons". We have fantastic opportunities within lessons to learn subjects we may never have a chance to learn about again. We have fantastic opportunities outside of lessons also, for example our enrichment calendar. We expect our students to access opportunities to broaden their horizons.

"Community". We work together as a team. Today, students have provided ideas for increasing our charitable work. This is a great example of students working together for the benefit of the whole community.

I would ask all parents/carers to support us in creating an Academy which has "No limits", where students are respectful and feel supported. An academy where we can broaden our horizons and work together as a community.

Mr Ravenscroft

Curriculum Area students of the week:


Drama - Tyler Lane for an excellent start to the new term.

Harvey Murrey for his constant hard work in drama lessons producing fantastic performances.

Dance - Lacie Gibson for her excellent efforts in Dance. Choreography and Performance.

Y11 for the successful drop down day before Christmas completing one component.

Music- Abigail Birnie for an excellent response in her end of term Listening assessment- well done!

Photography- Well done to all year 11 photography students in their drop down days this week. Some excellent results. Any incomplete work can be finished in Wednesday’s after school sessions as next week we move on to our exam paper!


Carla McNeil – A ‘mastered’ response in her end of term assessment – well done.


French: Finnan West for excellent recall in the lesson on Wednesday.

German: Benjamin Dawoud for an amazing Attitude to Learning in lessons


Olivia Moore - yr 9 , excellent ATL and performed really well on end of unit assessment


Chloe Smith and Leonardo Lima for great work on Pythagoras’ Theorem.



Hospitality and Catering: Marshall Webb and Nicola Smith for a fabulous first food lesson.

A particular well done to Shane Bunn, Benjamin Bunn, Kieran Kerman, Kieran Henderson, Jak Stephenson and Tom Thompson for fabulous work during the year 11 drop down days

Textiles: Alex Fido, Natalia Sweicka, Leon Stock, Kaycie Fawns – Jewitt, Tegan Watson – Freeman, Melissa Jones, Lara Smith for their amazing work during textiles drop down.

House Cup Position

Top Reward Points in Each House

Hot Choc Friday Students


Our poem competition had over 70 entries. The below three were selected as our winners and gain 20 house points.

Battle of Culloden
The battle had begun.
The British raised their guns
The Scottish raised their swords.
Running with their men with fierce faces were their lords.
Their lairds
Shot down one by one, the ones who survived would be barred.
They went to war for a noble cause, as they ran they did not stumble, nor pause.
All for freedom, they fought to make bonnie Prince Charlie rule the kingdom.
And yet they died.
Farewell brave warriors, in tears of your mothers you will be remembered as they cried forever in the hearts of Scotland.
Though you’re gone, in spirit we stand side by side and hand in hand.
And walk to heavens gates,
For you was given for family not decided by gates.

By Chloe Smith

Theatre of Dreams
I stand on the field with my heart beating fast,
Anxiously waiting for my team mate to pass.
So I make my run into space,
I beat the last defender with my outstanding pace.
I take my first touch, and have the ball at my feet,
Should I pass or should I shoot?
There’s only the keeper to beat.
Rooney and Rashford have been here before,
It’s my time to shine and make the crowd roar.

By Kyle Murray, Aland Omar and Cody Welham

The fallen
As the poppies sway side to side
We mark our respect to the soldier who died
Children screaming
As the bombs are dropping
The poppies sway in the beat of the breeze
As Poppies sway side to side
We shall not sleep as the nights pass by
Guns fire
Bombs dropping
Soldiers fighting
Making our country proud
As the poppies sway side to side
The world is cruel
Soldiers eating gruel
Loved ones praying
Tears falling as the soldiers are losing precious souls
As the poppies say side to side
Poppies mark the soldier who fought in a war
Go! Go!
Soldiers walking in the squelching mud
Getting trench foot
As the rats look for food.
As the poppies sway side to side

By Amie Jones

MFL – This half term students will:

Yr 7 - learn how to talk about school in French
Yr 8 French – learn how to talk about holidays and travel
Yr 9 French – learn how to talk about social media
Yr 10 French – learn how to talk about free time and leisure activities
Yr 11 French – begin revision and speaking exam preparation
Yr 8 German – learn how to talk about a healthy lifestyle
Yr 9 German – learn how to talk about ambitions and future plans
Yr 10 German – learn how to talk about free time and leisure activities
Year 11 – there are new enrichment groups – please check your timetable and make sure you turn up!!

Food Technology

Pupils at KS3 have changed rotation this week. 
In food:
Year 7 have been looking at health and safety during a practical and practicing knife skills.
Year 8 have been recapping the Eatwell Guide and a balanced diet.
Year 9 have had an introduction to hospitality and catering by looking at providers within the industry.
In year 10 we have started unit 1 looking at hospitality and catering providers.
In year 11 we have had drop down days continuing with mock coursework developing and designing a two course meal for an environmentally friendly restaurant.


The academy production of North will start rehearsals next week ready for a summer performance.

CAPA - Extra-Curricular Activities (all to take place in 1R4):

Orchestra will be running on a Tuesday after school. All instrumentalists are invited to attend. This will run from 3.15-4.05pm.

Ukulele Club takes place on a Thursday after school from 3.15-4.05pm.

Vocalize also takes place on a Thursday after school from 3.15-4.05pm.

Dance club (OK2) Thursday after school 3:05-4:00pm


Students in years 7 to 10 will receive their assessment/mock exam results and complete progress tasks based on their results. Year 11 students will receive their mock exam grades at a ‘results event’ later in the month.

The First Story enrichment experience will continue with our writer-in-residence, Russ Litten on Tuesday 21 January 2010 in 1N11 with Mrs Mills.

This term:

Year 7s will read and analyse Shakespeare’s play: A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Year 8s will read and analyse a modern novel: Annabel Pitcher’s ‘My Sister Lives in the Mantelpiece’ or Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Shadow’, linking these novels to real life acts of terrorism that changed the world forever.

Year 9s will read and analyse Shakespeare’s play: Much Ado About Nothing.

Year 10s will read and analyse J B Priestley’s, An Inspector Calls in preparation for their English Literature GCSE and start working on the skills needed to be able to access the English Language GCSE Paper 2.

Year 11s will continue to work on exam skills for reading and writing.


HegartyMaths homework club on Monday morning from 8am in 0N1, and on Wednesday morning from 8am in 0N3. KS4 drop in maths session on Tuesday morning from 8am in 0N1.

Final Thought

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things”

The next parental bulletin will go live on; 17th January. Enjoy the week.