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[email protected] - Friday 21st February 2020

Message from the Head of School: 

I would like to say a final thank you of the term to parents, carers and families of Sirius Academy North students.  In particular to those who have attended the Year 11 and Year 9 parents' evenings.  

Thank you for helping us meet our "no limits" principle in supporting student’s attendance as well as your support for our uniform/jewellery standards and our new policy around mobile phones.  The little things matter.  

As we return, the mornings and evenings will become lighter and hopefully the temperatures will increase.  Our Year 11s will be on countdown to their final exams.  

We will be working hard to meet our curriculum principles of;

No limits
Broadening horizons

Mr Ravenscroft 

Curriculum Area students of the week: 


Kieran Jackson for outstanding effort in KS4 core PE. 

Tommy Uscroft and Maddi Wilson for continued hard work and high effort levels in BTEC Sport. 

Shivan Khosnaw- Most improved in BTEC Sport.


Drama: Jasmine Corbett and Archie Glover for some fantastic character work.   

Dance: Y11 for much improved attitudes and some fantastic exploration of ideas and creativity for their exams 

Music: Tegan Watson-Freeman for having a 'no limits' approach to her music coursework and completing it to a high standard. 

Art: Anya Lambert and Xander Wilson for fantastic effort and commitment 

Photography: Xander Wilson- fantastic effort and exam preparation as homework. 


Claudia Okafor – fantastic attitude – well done! 

Jessica Boddy – a fantastic An Inspector Calls analysis – well done! 


Abigail Birnie and Great Davids for a word perfect translation into French – excellent work! 


Alex Edwards – really positive attitude demonstrated during History lessons. Keep this up. 

Olivia Fowler – huge level of recent improvement and renewed self-belief in History. Well done. 


Rowan Greenwood – Excellent level of maturity during science lessons, asking difficult questions. 

Travis Harrison – Good levels of positivity during science lessons, understanding the importance of exam technique. 

Ben Murrell – Being mature during our cancer debates, asking excellent questions and helping to tackle misconceptions 



Hospitality and Catering: Leonardo Lima for a fantastic attitude to the subject 

Food: Amie Jones for consistently making sure everything is clean and tidy after her class has completed a practical.  

Thoriq Farras  and Mario Zaharia, excellent scores in their mock exams.  

Camron Dore and Lilly-Mae Lawson – excellent attitude and effort in lessons 100% of the time.         

Head of House Award 

ElIiot Scott 

Challenger 1 tutor Award 

Alex Chapman 

Challenger 2 tutor Award 

Artis Kostjukevics 

Challenger 3 tutor Award 

Rakam Ahmad 

Challenger 4 tutor Award 

Emma Sansam 

Challenger 5 tutor Award 

Oliwia Parda 

Challenger 6 tutor Award 

Asante Banda 

Challenger 7 tutor Award 

Tom Shields 

Challenger 8 tutor Award 

Yasmin Scholte 

Head of House Award 

Emilia Fish 

Discovery 1 tutor Award 

Nathaniel Penkella 

Discovery 2 tutor Award 

Edmmond Mpawenimana 

Discovery 3 tutor Award 

Ellis Norris 

Discovery 4 tutor Award 

Lacey May Kerrison 

Discovery 5 tutor Award 

Emilia Fish 

Discovery 6 tutor Award 

Jaheim Williams 

Discovery 7 tutor Award 

Miracle Obasi  

Discovery 8 tutor Award 

Mario Zaharia 

Head of House Award 

Julia Grzeskowiak 

Enterprise 1 tutor Award 

Great Davids 

Enterprise 2 tutor Award 

Thomas Butler - Gibson 

Enterprise 3 tutor Award 

Ryan Newman 

Enterprise 4 tutor Award 

Charlie Smith 

Enterprise 5 tutor Award 

Aivaras Jankauskas 

Enterprise 6 tutor Award 

Phoebe Watson 

Enterprise 7 tutor Award 

Lennie McKeating 

Enterprise 8 tutor Award 

Oliver Lawson 

Head of House Award 

William Webb 

Pioneer 1 tutor Award 

Yu-Yan Shi 

Pioneer 2 tutor Award 

Clio Mercer 

Pioneer 3 tutor Award 

Finley Jackson 

Pioneer 4 tutor Award 

Scarlett Pacey 

Pioneer 5 tutor Award 

Jersey-Rae Hall-Barwick 

Pioneer 6 tutor Award 

Archie Glover 

Pioneer 7 tutor Award 

Florin Mirzac 

Pioneer 8 tutor Award 

Raivis Billands 

Head of House Award 

Amie Jones 

Voyager 1 tutor Award 

Caitlin Brook 

Voyager 2 tutor Award 

Kira Cross 

Voyager 3 tutor Award 

Joshua Cunningham 

Voyager 4 tutor Award 

Lennon Jennison 

Voyager 5 tutor Award 

Jessica Majewska 

Voyager 6 tutor Award 

Louise Brook 

Voyager 7 tutor Award 

Kacper Krol 

Voyager 8 tutor Award 

Joshua Wosu 

House Cup Positions 


Top Reward Points in Each House


Noticeable Achievements: 

This week saw different house tutor groups plan a charity event. Four different charity events took place, created and developed by our students.

Challenger was the first house to start, raising £209 for charity with their student auction.

Discovery then raised £96 through a raffle, whilst Voyager raised £46 through a cake sale and dodgeball.

Pioneer became the artistic house, raising £120 through a copper challenge as well a charity football match.

Well done to all four houses for some fantastic events and nearly £471 raised for charity.


House Cup Events Calendar

WC-24TH February 2020

Fairytale competition

Reading Plus

Punctuality Cup

WC- 2ND March 2020

Countdown Competition

Reading Plus

Punctuality Cup

World Book Day Competition

WC-9TH March

History Day

Reading Plus

Punctuality Cup

WC- 16TH March

Escape Room

Reading Plus

Punctuality Cup

WC- 23rd March

Punctuality Cup Final

Reading Plus

WC- 30th March

1 v 100 Competition

Reading Plus

CAPA - Extra-Curricular Activities (all to take place in 1R4): 

Orchestra will be running on a Tuesday after school. All instrumentalists are invited to attend. This will run from 3.15-4.05pm. 

Ukulele Club takes place on a Thursday after school from 3.15-4.05pm. 

Vocalize also takes place on a Thursday after school from 3.15-4.05pm.  

Dance club (OK2) Thursday after school 3:05-4:00pm 

PE and Sport 

Once again, myself and the Year 9 football team hit the road, hoping Storm Ciara wouldn't erupt and that we could secure all three points! 

It was an evening poised with anticipation and the fixture did not disappoint the neutral, with a plethora of goals at either end! 

The "Shootout" ended 6 -5 with SAN (arguably the better team) bagging all three points, making it a joyous journey home. 

The boys as usual displayed our curriculum principles to the highest order, please congratulate the following on their wonderful team performance; 

1 - Thomas Hawes 
2 - Barndom Collins 
3 - Calum Hepworth (C)
4 - Ellis Norris 
5 - Alfie Thompson 
6 - Ben Peterson 
7 - Rio Gadd 
8 - Nataniel Pankella
9 - Elliot Davies 
10 - Ahmad Khidir 


The First Story enrichment experience continues with our writer-in-residence, Russ Litten, each Tuesday in 1N11 with Mrs Mills.

This term: 

Year 7s continue to read and analyse Shakespeare’s play: A Midsummer Night’s Dream. 

Year 8s continue to read and analyse a modern novel: Annabel Pitcher’s ‘My Sister Lives in the Mantelpiece’ or Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Shadow’, linking these novels to real life acts of terrorism that changed the world forever. Poetry from other cultures is being analysed and compared, linking to events and characters in the novels we are studying.  

Year 9s continue to read and analyse Shakespeare’s play: Much Ado About Nothing. Love poetry is being analysed and compared, linking to the relationships of characters Benedick and Beatrice from the play we are studying. 

Year 10s continue to read and analyse J B Priestley’s, An Inspector Calls in preparation for their English Literature GCSE and work on the skills needed to be able to access the English Language GCSE Paper 2. 

Year 11s continue to work on exam skills for reading and writing for their GCSE Language Paper 1 in preparation for their mock examinations this week. 

World Book Day is on its way. Look out for various events taking place throughout that week. There may be some surprises... 

Reading Plus enrichment sessions are available before and after school in 1N11. 

Reading Plus top students for most words read so far: 

Y7 – Daniel Young (107, 613)
Y8 – Grace Walgate (153, 731)
Y9 – Jack Newman (110, 222)
Y10 – Scarlet Rowland (122, 949)
Y11 – EmmaJane Drant (28, 143) 

Reading Plus top students for most combos so far: 

James Wass – 35
Joshua Gray – 31
Isaac Gray – 28
Alan Kaniewski – 27
Grace Wilson – 26 

Well done to 8M1 who are currently top of words read (1,317,586) 

As an academy we have read 6,699,493 words. 

Every student in Y7-Y10 (M pathway to S pathway should be accessing Reading Plus each week to complete their homework. If your child cannot access it or has forgotten their log in details they need to speak with their English teacher or Mrs Anderson asap. 


HegartyMaths homework club on Monday morning from 8am in 0N1, and on Wednesday morning from 8am in 0N3. KS4 drop in maths session on Tuesday morning from 8am in 0N1. 

Hospitality and Catering 

Year 11 students have started their coursework. It is imperative that they are in lesson to complete. If they miss a lesson, they need to complete the missed time during intervention. The practical element of the coursework is going to be complete the week commencing the 9th March 2020. Get practicing at home! Year 11 have half term intervention on Monday or Tuesday in the holidays between 10.00-14.00. 

Upcoming events / activities

Final Thought  

“Your greatness is not what you have, it’s what you give”

The next parental bulletin will go live on Friday 28th February 2020; enjoy the week