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[email protected] - Friday 22nd November 2019

Message from the Head of School:

Our first Curriculum Principle is "no limits". This applies to learning in lessons. We want students to stretch themselves, to learn and progress as much as possible.

No limits applies to our staff. We want our students to progress and develop as much as possible.

No limits applies to attitude. Developing key attitudes, skills and qualities support our students in their future lives just as much as exam grades. This is included in our Attitude to Learning Programme.

Currently, 36% of our students are expert learners. This means that they display key positive attitudes and qualities all day, every day. Becoming an expert learner is proven to support exam success. Expert learners outperform other students in their GCSE by a distance.

My challenge this week, is for all students to use their tutor booklets and A2L posters, to gain expert learner status over the coming weeks.

Let's see how far above 36% we can go.

Mr Ravenscroft

Curriculum Area students of the week:


All of the Y7 girls football team.


Drama -  Kennedy Coates- Outstanding work in her component 2 performance

Dance -  Natalia Swiecka- Fantasic work in Dance

Music -  Kieran Linford, Arsal Mir- Great effort and enthusiasm. 

Photography - Louie Chance- Great coursework, Declan Mower- Extra effort.

Art - Julia Graz, Alish Lawlee- Lovely work.



French – George Firth – perfect A2L in all lessons

German – Elden Mills – mature and sensible A2L in lessons.


Holly Pinchbeck, for outstanding effort in Geography.


Dawid Malinowski – brilliant attitude to learning and determination to do well.

HegartyMaths Homework Club Monday and Wednesday from 8am until 8:45.

KS4 drop in session, Tuesdays from 8am until 8:45.


Leo Kerrison – fantastic attitude to learning and focus during lessons


Food Technology

Crystal Hutson-Sengupta - amazing leadership and cooking skills

Demi Watson - going above and beyond helping clean up during/after a practical

Resistant Materials

Yu-Hen Shi – Great attitude and tutoring in Engineering


Mackenzie Kingsly, amazing each week in textiles, going above and beyond helping clean up during/after a practical.

Lena Ciarkowska, perfect student each week, amazing design skills.

Kamil Lokomy & Demi-Leigh Giblin excellent attitude and making skills in textiles.

House Cup Position

Top Reward Points in Each House

Noticeable Achievements:

Sirius North Champions

Our year 7 girls football team played in the Hull Schools 5-aside football competition at Goals Soccer Centre. With so many year 7 girls taking up an interest in football this year, we were able to field 2 teams which is great representation for the academy. 

Our A team started the competition superbly, winning every game in their group against Boulevard, Winifred Holtby and St Mary’s A! This meant we topped the group comfortably.

With 2 other groups in the tournament, we then had to play the two schools who topped their groups, which were Kelvin and Malet Lambert. Both strong sides. Both games were extremely close, however we came out on top with 3-1 and 2-0 wins against Kelvin and Malet respectively. This meant the girls were crowned Hull Schools 5-aside champions and they will now represent Hull in regional 5-aside competition in Derby! 

Whilst our B team didn’t win a game, both sides represented the academy extremely well and were a credit to our academy.

Our Champions

Team A-Casey Burton,Bridie Shepherd ,Abigail Birnie, Isabelle Linford, Lacey Giblin

Team B-Jasmine Corbett, Serreh Bojang ,Chloe Wilkinson ,Rebecca Willis, Josie Newton

Top 15 Students

This week we rewarded our top 15 Super Star Expert students in the academy with a trip to the cinema. To win this the students had to have 100% attendance, 100% punctuality, zero behaviours and over 400 reward points.

Respect Awards:

Lewis Colley – for being brave when injured, polite and respectful
Jordan Dodds – fantastic support during lesson
Ellie Gleadow – being helpful

Hot Choc Friday Students


The Voice- The final of the voice will be held this Tuesday 26th November at 4pm. 10 acts will compete head to head to be the Sirius Academy North Winner.

Our staff and student pantomime has now added a musical Christmas performance which will also be taking place from 5:30pm before the 6pm start of the panto. Our Pantomimes are Blue Steels and the Seven Students, Cinderella and Jack and the Beanstalk.


CAPA - Extra-Curricular Activities (all to take place in 1R4):

Orchestra will be running on a Tuesday after school. All instrumentalists are invited to attend. This will run from 3.15-4.05pm.

Ukulele Club takes place on a Thursday after school from 3.15-4.05pm.

Vocalize also takes place on a Thursday after school from 3.15-4.05pm.

PE and Sport

Inclusive Sport GLOW festival

Year 10 Yorkshire CUP rugby Fixtures:

Thursday 10th December- Home VS Holmfirth 2pm

Year 11 football

Tuesday 26th November Away Vs St Mary’s

Year 9 football

Thursday 12th December Away Vs St Mary’s B team

Wednesday 18th December Away Vs St Mary’s C team


Year 11s need to continue their exam preparations by working through the CGP workbooks issued previously to further enhance their skills for GCSE Language Paper 2.

Reading Plus: This is the main homework for KS3 students. They are expected to complete reading and vocabulary challenges each week.

This year’s First Story enrichment experience is underway with our writer-in-residence, Russ Litten. This week the group worked with Russ to produce entries for First Story’s ‘6 Word Story competition – let's hope we have a winner. We are looking forward to seeing our creative writers next Tuesday in 1N11 with Mrs Mills.

The KS3 First Story’s ‘6 Word Story’ House competition is being judged and winners will be announced this week.


MFL – Half Term 2 KS3 topics:

Year 7 – Will learn how to describe people and will ultimately design a superhero

Year 8 – French/German - Year 8 will learn how to talk about TV, cinema and books.

Year 9 – French – students will learn how to talk about healthy lifestyles

German – students will learn how to talk about music

MFL – Half Term 2, KS4 topics:

Year 10 – GCSE French and German. Our Year 10 will start their GCSE courses – French is focused on family relationships and the qualities of a good friend whilst German is all about school.

Year 11 – GCSE French. Our Year 11 students will be learning how to talk about their aspirations in terms of work and future plans.


HegartyMaths homework club on Monday morning from 8am in 0N1, and on Wednesday morning from 8am in 0N3. KS4 drop in maths session on Tuesday morning from 8am in 0N1.


Year 7 have been discussing the different types of hospitality and catering establishments

Year 8 are looking at factors that affect food choices looking in particular at lactose intolerance

Year 9 are continuing on with their mini project researching how the hospitality and catering industry affect the environment

Year 10 are understanding how food could make customers ill, focusing on the many different types of food poisoning. They are also developing their scone baking skills. 

Year 11 are continuing with their mock coursework, this week looking at what influences menu planning

Upcoming events / activities

 Year 7 French – design a superhero – competition for the best superhero – more details in lessons.

Final Thought

“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will”

The next parental bulletin will go live on Friday 29th November 2019; enjoy the week

Mr G Bilton (Assistant Vice Principal, Student Experience)