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[email protected] - Friday 28th February 2020

Message from the Head of School: 

This week I would like to congratulate those students who participated in the Youth Speaks competition.

Six students travelled to Wyke college to take part in a public speaking competition in both the intermediate and senior categories.

The students were very successful and made a lasting impression on the judges. Mr Bilton, who supported the students, was blown away by the ability, passion and enthusiasm of students.

Public speaking can be daunting and the topics addressed in the competition can be complex. Our success shows that our students can compete with any school, that they truly have no-limits. Indeed, part of our presentation was about just that, how our students are aiming for the very top and taking the steps to make the most of their education.

Not only did these students broaden their horizons but also show that we should all have no limits.

Well done "Team Sirius North"

Mr Ravenscroft 

Curriculum Area students of the week: 


 Drama: Jake Cawood, Kiza David, Elliot Davies, Ellis Dean, Callum Hepworth, Ben Peterson, and Lewis Watkinson for a fantastic performance in silent theatre.

Photography: Jessica Sutherland and Morgan Curtis- fantastic creative photo shoot.

Music: Shauna Carlton for her excellent attitude to learning and effort with her BTEC assignments.

Art: Deacon Phelan - fantastic effort and resilience when having to change his project


Julia Chojnacka, Anton Cereskevic, Benyamin Dawoud


German: Keisha Hobson

French: Jessica Thompson


Ruby Lawler, Jack Siddle, Emily Lockett, Ryan Newman, Adam Lindley, Ellie Millson, Mehur Mazhar, Tommy Robson, Jack Osgerby.

Geography - 

  Natasha Dunn, Poppy Firth, Morgan Capell and Amelia Thompson


Paige Oldroyd- Fantastic effort in Science


Food: Casey-Leigh Rose for fabulous teamwork whilst cleaning up during a practical

Hospitality and Catering: Well done to all year 11’s who came in during half term to complete intervention

Textiles: Alex Buhai for being courteous and kind to pupils and teachers in his lesson

Head of House Award 

Elliot Scott

Challenger 1 tutor Award 

Alex Chapman

Challenger 2 tutor Award 

Artis Kostjukevics

Challenger 3 tutor Award 

Rakan Ahmad

Challenger 4 tutor Award 

Emma Sansam

Challenger 5 tutor Award 

Oliwia Parda

Challenger 6 tutor Award 

Asante Banda

Challenger 7 tutor Award 

Tom Shields

Challenger 8 tutor Award 

Yasmin Scholte

Head of House Award 

Emily Locket

Discovery 1 tutor Award 

Helen Pantry

Discovery 2 tutor Award 

Isabelle Rout

Discovery 3 tutor Award 

Kailum Sprattling

Discovery 4 tutor Award 

Michael Nelson

Discovery 5 tutor Award 

Casey Simpson

Discovery 6 tutor Award 

Harvey Miller

Discovery 7 tutor Award 

Mateusz Strzelecki

Discovery 8 tutor Award 

Ben Murrell

Head of House Award 

Elis McCloud

Enterprise 1 tutor Award 

Great Davids

Enterprise 2 tutor Award 

Thomas Butler - Gibson

Enterprise 3 tutor Award 

Isabelle Linford

Enterprise 4 tutor Award 

Charlie Smith

Enterprise 5 tutor Award 

Dylan Morgan

Enterprise 6 tutor Award 

Marius Papan

Enterprise 7 tutor Award 

Charlie Lawrence

Enterprise 8 tutor Award 

Farida Hamidu

Head of House Award 

Faye Flaxman

Pioneer 1 tutor Award 

Lewis Davis

Pioneer 2 tutor Award 

Emily Walgate

Pioneer 3 tutor Award 

Joshua Gray

Pioneer 4 tutor Award 

Sara Wazydrag

Pioneer 5 tutor Award 

Kelsey-Rae Hobson

Pioneer 6 tutor Award 

Isaac Gray

Pioneer 7 tutor Award 

Mirabela Antoci

Pioneer 8 tutor Award 

Tommy Uscroft

Head of House Award 

Monicah Karanja

Voyager 1 tutor Award 

Mbali Sibisi

Voyager 2 tutor Award 

Tiegan Jones Jackson

Voyager 3 tutor Award 

Wanesa Romotowska

Voyager 4 tutor Award 

Ruby Hadley

Voyager 5 tutor Award 

Robert Kearton-Waters

Voyager 6 tutor Award 

David Juganaru

Voyager 7 tutor Award 

Kieran Gammon

Voyager 8 tutor Award 

Connor Barke

House Cup Positions

Top Reward Points in Each House 


House Cup Events Calendar

WC- 2ND March 2020

Countdown Competition

Reading Plus

Punctuality Cup

World Book Day Competition

WC-9TH March

History Day

Reading Plus

Punctuality Cup

WC- 16TH March

Escape Room

Reading Plus

Punctuality Cup

WC- 23rd March

Punctuality Cup Final

Reading Plus

WC- 30th March

1 v 100 Competition

Reading Plus

CAPA - Extra-Curricular Activities (all to take place in 1R4): 

Rehearsals will commence this week for the show North. Cast lists will be on the student tutor powerpoint from Monday

Monday- 3:15-4:15

Wednesday- 3:15-4:15

Thursday- 3:15- 4:15

Friday-3:15- 4:00

Orchestra will be running on a Tuesday after school. All instrumentalists are invited to attend. This will run from 3.15-4.05pm. 

Ukulele Club takes place on a Thursday after school from 3.15-4.05pm. 

Vocalize also takes place on a Thursday after school from 3.15-4.05pm.  

Dance club (OK2) Thursday after school 3:05-4:00pm.

PE and Sport


The First Story enrichment experience continues with our writer-in-residence, Russ Litten, each Tuesday in 1N11 with Mrs Mills.

This term: 

Year 7s continue to read and analyse Shakespeare’s play: A Midsummer Night’s Dream. 

Year 8s continue to read and analyse a modern novel: Annabel Pitcher’s ‘My Sister Lives in the Mantelpiece’ or Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Shadow’, linking these novels to real life acts of terrorism that changed the world forever. Poetry from other cultures is being analysed and compared, linking to events and characters in the novels we are studying.  

Year 9s continue to read and analyse Shakespeare’s play: Much Ado About Nothing. Love poetry is being analysed and compared, linking to the relationships of characters Benedick and Beatrice from the play we are studying. 

Year 10s continue to read and analyse J B Priestley’s, An Inspector Calls in preparation for their English Literature GCSE and work on the skills needed to be able to access the English Language GCSE Paper 2. 

Year 11s continue to work on exam skills for reading and writing for their GCSE Language Paper 1 in preparation for their mock examinations this week. 

World Book Day is on its way. Look out for various events taking place throughout that week. There may be some surprises... 

Reading Plus enrichment sessions are available before and after school in 1N11. 

Reading Plus top students for most words read so far: 

Y7 – Daniel Young (107, 613)
Y8 – Grace Walgate (153, 731)
Y9 – Jack Newman (110, 222)
Y10 – Scarlet Rowland (122, 949)
Y11 – EmmaJane Drant (28, 143) 

Reading Plus top students for most combos so far: 

James Wass – 35
Joshua Gray – 31
Isaac Gray – 28
Alan Kaniewski – 27
Grace Wilson – 26 

Well done to 8M1 who are currently top of words read (1,317,586) 

As an academy we have read 6,699,493 words. 

Every student in Y7-Y10 (M pathway to S pathway should be accessing Reading Plus each week to complete their homework. If your child cannot access it or has forgotten their log in details they need to speak with their English teacher or Mrs Anderson asap. 


HegartyMaths homework club on Monday morning from 8am in 0N1, and on Wednesday morning from 8am in 0N3. KS4 drop in maths session on Tuesday morning from 8am in 0N1. 

Hospitality and Catering 

Year 11 students will be completing their practical exams the week commencing 9th March 2020. I strongly suggest students practice elements of their dishes, if not all of it! Remember, if year 11 students miss a lesson, they need to complete the missed time during intervention.

Year 10 students are spending this half term looking at the skills to produce bread products in their practical lessons. In theory lessons they are continuing with unit 1 looking at how the hospitality and catering industry operates.


Year 7 – This half term all Year 7’s will be studying what life was like In the Middle Ages! They will be looking at the Death of Thomas Becket, why people when on Crusades and ending with was the world going to end in 1348? With the Black Death. All students will be completing their own How not to catch the Black Death Booklets.  

Year 8 – During this half terms Year 8 students will be finishing of their Slavery unit and moving onto the British Empire and how it changed the world.

Year 9 – Are all looking into why the Second World War started and what it was like in Britain on the Home front during the war.

Year 10 – Will be finishing off their Medicine Through Time unit and sitting an end of unit exam in the second week!! Make sure that you are revising. We will then start our second unit Anglo-Saxon and Norman Britain.

Year 11 – Keep revising!!! You have now got your Nazi Germany booklets to be working through.

Upcoming events / activities

Final Thought  

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”

The next parental bulletin will go live on Friday 6th March 2020; enjoy the week