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[email protected] - Friday 6th March 2020

Message from the Head of School: 

 The highlight of the week has been world book day. The whole academy team came together to put on a fantastic show to promote the value of reading.

Reading remains vital at secondary school in order to develop vocabulary and knowledge. We can all work together to ensure that that all of our students continue to access fiction and non-fiction texts. Simply, reading is one of greatest strategies for academic success.

You can view world book day on our twitter @sirius_north.

Curriculum Area students of the week: 


Omar Aland- Great attitude in helping the academy with some after school curricular work.

Outstanding efforts and attitude in the delivery of the primary swimming event at Ennerdale:

·      Lennie McKeating

·      Lucy Hayley

·      Tommy Uscroft

·      TJ Lawrence

·      Madison Wilson

·      Desmond Duru

·      Josh Wuss

·      Aleks Ludowicz

·      Otniel Tomache


Dance: Y10 for their creativity in devising to a given stimuli  

Drama: Kearah Stabler and Ellie Hoad for a great approach to component 2.

Photography: Elliot Barnes- amazing start to exam preparation. Well done!



Ellie Wilson – we're really proud of your hard work and resilience – you are making fantastic progress!


Year 11 who are working very hard to be as prepared as they can be for their speaking exams which start on 21st April.  Well done Year 11.


Ethan Coates and Maddie Greig – both have made huge recent improvement in effort, attitude and therefore serious progress in History. A great effort.

Geography - 

Wojciech Piorek

Ellie Milson

Lily Mallinson

Clio Mercer

Amelia Draper

All are star Y7 Geographers




Food: Amie Jones for working brilliantly with her partner

Hospitality and Catering: Josh Blount-Fory for always trying innovative presentation ideas

Shania Norman for being amazing at cleaning up after me!

Ethan Coates for being motivated


Engineering: Yu Hen and Klaudia for their dedication and focused revision. A reminder to all parents that year ten engineering students have an exam on 19th March and revision should be well under way.

Congratulations to Tayla Ross for scoring the best in school on the Intermediate Maths Challenge.

Head of House Award 

Hamed Zia

Challenger 1 tutor Award 

Allanamae Windsor

Challenger 2 tutor Award 

Nikita Smith

Challenger 3 tutor Award 

Jack Standaert

Challenger 4 tutor Award 

Brandon Lightfoot

Challenger 5 tutor Award 

Reanna Ali

Challenger 6 tutor Award 

Dominik Mohamad

Challenger 7 tutor Award 

Qnwan Altaib

Challenger 8 tutor Award 

Liam Robinson

Head of House Award 

 Eva Walton

Discovery 1 tutor Award 

 Chloe Straughn

Discovery 2 tutor Award 

Leah Dunn

Discovery 3 tutor Award 

 Anton Cereskevic

Discovery 4 tutor Award 

 Adrians Miezis

Discovery 5 tutor Award 

 Lewys Eddom

Discovery 6 tutor Award 

 Jessica Thompson

Discovery 7 tutor Award 

 Chloe Armstrong

Discovery 8 tutor Award 

 Maddison Burnie

Head of House Award 

Reece Stabler

Enterprise 1 tutor Award 

Isobel Craven

Enterprise 2 tutor Award 

Maja Powchatt

Enterprise 3 tutor Award 

Sam Clark

Enterprise 4 tutor Award 

Ellis Opie

Enterprise 5 tutor Award 

Julia Grzeskowiak

Enterprise 6 tutor Award 

Angelica Jarvis

Enterprise 7 tutor Award 

Lennie McKeating

Enterprise 8 tutor Award 

Alex Ludowicz

Head of House Award 

Amy Dobbs

Pioneer 1 tutor Award 

Lena Ciarkowska

Pioneer 2 tutor Award 

Warren Flaxman

Pioneer 3 tutor Award 

Morgan Capell

Pioneer 4 tutor Award 

Scarlett Pacey

Pioneer 5 tutor Award 

Lucy Jones

Pioneer 6 tutor Award 

Grace Walgate

Pioneer 7 tutor Award 

Ella Mallinson

Pioneer 8 tutor Award 

Gabija Giedryte


Head of House Award 

Jasmine Corbett

Voyager 1 tutor Award 

Koriana Korzikova

Voyager 2 tutor Award 

Mahek Azhar

Voyager 3 tutor Award 

Samuel Anthony

Voyager 4 tutor Award 

Rhianna Scoins

Voyager 5 tutor Award 

Carla McNeill

Voyager 6 tutor Award 

Rhiannon Hadley

Voyager 7 tutor Award 

Ariene Cunha

Voyager 8 tutor Award 

Talia Ullah

House Cup Positions 

Top Reward Points in Each House 

Academy Principle Awards:

Well done to the below students who have taken home the first principle awards. 

Community- Faye Flaxman. Awarded by Miss Willis

Support- Hiran Khoshnaw- Awarded by Miss Birkinshaw

No Limits- Paige Oldroyd- Awarded by Mrs Steels

Broadening Horizons- Deacon Phelan- Awarded by Mr Rutter

Respect- Jasmine Corbett- Awarded by Mrs Latham 

As an academy we were pleased to receive a visit from Graham Huckstep of St Andrews C of E Primary school who is cycling 1,250 miles to raise awareness of children’s physical and mental health issues.

For more information on Graham’s challenge, please visit the page below-


House Cup Events Calendar

WC-9TH March

History Day

Reading Plus

Punctuality Cup

WC- 16TH March

Escape Room

Reading Plus

Punctuality Cup

WC- 23rd March

Punctuality Cup Final

Reading Plus

WC- 30th March

1 v 100 Competition

Reading Plus

CAPA - Extra-Curricular Activities (all to take place in 1R4): 

Orchestra will be running on a Tuesday after school. All instrumentalists are invited to attend. This will run from 3.15-4.05pm. 

Ukulele Club takes place on a Thursday after school from 3.15-4.05pm. 

Vocalize also takes place on a Thursday after school from 3.15-4.05pm.  

Dance club (OK2) Thursday after school 3:05-4:00pm 

PE and Sport 

Once again, myself and the Year 9 football team hit the road, hoping Storm Ciara wouldn't erupt and that we could secure all three points! 

It was an evening poised with anticipation and the fixture did not disappoint the neutral, with a plethora of goals at either end!   

The "Shootout" ended 6 -5 with SAN (arguably the better team) bagging all three points, making it a joyous journey home. 

The boys as usual displayed our curriculum principles to the highest order, please congratulate the following on their wonderful team performance; 

1 - Thomas Hawes 
2 - Barndom Collins 
3 - Calum Hepworth (C)
4 - Ellis Norris 
5 - Alfie Thompson 
6 - Ben Peterson 
7 - Rio Gadd 
8 - Nataniel Pankella
9 - Elliot Davies 
10 - Ahmad Khidir 


The First Story enrichment experience continues with our writer-in-residence, Russ Litten, each Tuesday in 1N11 with Mrs Mills. This week the group worked on a title for their anthology – the anthology will be launched at the end of June/early July – watch this space!

This term: 

Year 7s continue to read and analyse Shakespeare’s play: A Midsummer Night’s Dream. 

Year 8s continue to read and analyse a modern novel: Annabel Pitcher’s ‘My Sister Lives in the Mantelpiece’ or Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Shadow’, linking these novels to real life acts of terrorism that changed the world forever. Poetry from other cultures is being analysed and compared, linking to events and characters in the novels we are studying.  

Year 9s continue to read and analyse Shakespeare’s play: Much Ado About Nothing. Love poetry is being analysed and compared, linking to the relationships of characters Benedick and Beatrice from the play we are studying. 

Year 10s continue to read and analyse J B Priestley’s, An Inspector Calls in preparation for their English Literature GCSE and work on the skills needed to be able to access the English Language GCSE Paper 2. 

Year 11s continue to work on exam skills for reading and writing for their GCSE Language Paper 1 in preparation for their mock examinations this week. 

Before the end of term KS3 students will complete an assessment based on the novels and plays they have read during the Spring term, along with a creative writing task. These use the same skills needed to access GCSE Language and Literature exams.

KS4 students will complete mock exams following usual exam protocols.

Year 10 students should revise key themes and characters from J B Priestley’s, An Inspector Calls (BBC Bitesize is a useful resource).

This week Team English have loved getting involved with activities linked to World Book Day. It was staff fancy dress day and we chose to dress as characters from The Wizard of Oz. We have also took part in a ‘No Limits’ poetry competition which has seen every student in Y7-Y9 create their own ‘No Limits’ poem. Winners will be announced next week.

Reading Plus enrichment sessions are available before and after school in 1N11. 

Reading Plus top students for most words read so far: 

Y7 – Dianna Brett (138,533)
Y8 – Grace Walgate (191,289)
Y9 – Jack Newman (142,023)
Y10 – Scarlet Rowland (169,349)
Y11 – EmmaJane Drant (35,158) 

Reading Plus top students for most combos so far: 

James Wass – 39
Joshua Gray – 37
Isaac Gray – 36
Umair Sherwani - 33
Kallie Thewles - 32

Well done to 8M1 who are currently top of words read (1,614,681)

As an academy we have read 8,145,964 words. 

Every student in Y7-Y10 (M pathway to S pathway should be accessing Reading Plus each week to complete their homework. If your child cannot access it or has forgotten their log in details, they need to speak with their English teacher or Mrs Anderson asap. 


HegartyMaths homework club on Monday morning from 8am in 0N1, and on Wednesday morning from 8am in 0N3. KS4 drop in maths session on Tuesday morning from 8am in 0N1. 

Hospitality and Catering 

Year 11 students will be completing their practical exams next week. I strongly suggest students practice elements of their dishes, if not all of it! Remember, if year 11 students miss a lesson, they need to complete the missed time during intervention.

Year 10 students are spending this half term looking at the skills to produce bread products in their practical lessons. Their pizza based products that needed to appeal to a teenager can be seen below. In theory lessons they are continuing with unit 1 looking at how the hospitality and catering industry operates.


Year 7 – This half term all Year 7’s will be studying what life was like In the Middle Ages! They will be looking at the Death of Thomas Becket, why people went on Crusades and ending with was the world going to end in 1348? With the Black Death. All students will be completing their own How not to catch the Black Death Booklets.  

Year 8 – During this half terms Year 8 students will be finishing their Slavery unit and moving onto the British Empire and how it changed the world.

Year 9 – Are all looking into why the Second World War started and what it was like in Britain on the Home front during the war.

Year 10 – Will be finishing off their Medicine Through Time unit and sitting an end of unit exam in the second week!! Make sure that you are revising. We will then start our second unit Anglo-Saxon and Norman Britain.

Year 11 – Keep revising!!! You have now got your Nazi Germany booklets to be working through.


Year 7- Students are studying settlement and have been set a competition to score as many points on homework over the next 5 weeks. Prizes to be given. Some super work done on settlement hierarchy and services. Megacities to be studied next.

Year 8- Students are studying Energy resources. Key word- Sustainable (are we all looking after our environment and resource use for future generations?)- Can we recycle more? Use less electricity? Turn TV’s off standby and be more environmentally aware?

Another homework competition – flashcards, mind maps, explanations, debates and research – can you score the most?

Year 9- An exciting topic on tourism (who doesn’t like talking about holidays?). Some students have written Trip Advisor reviews, others have been travel agents. Students have learned about tourism in Thailand, ecotourism and Blackpool. A wide-ranging topic that has sparked opinion and discussion- are we destroying the very environments we wish to visit?

Y10- Students have so far studied Changing Cities, Ecosystems and Management and Energy Resource Management. We are moving onto Weather Hazards and furthermore, Y10 mocks and fieldwork are being planned currently. Pupils have been set the task of finding out their own ‘Carbon Footprint’ for homework. Hopefully it should get students thinking about their impact on the world- ‘Think Global, Act Local’

Y11- Revise Revise Revise! You have the purple Edexcel A Geography 1-9 revision guides and workbooks. Now is the time to use them. We have revised in class nearly all the units now (just Landscapes, Rivers and Coasts to go) but students must be dusting off their revision books if they are to meet or (hopefully) exceed their target grades.  Students can also fill their boots with the masses of topic by topic quizzes set for them on Seneca. Watch out for Friday intervention invites (breakfast provided) and Thursday nights after school.

Upcoming events / activities 

Our Y9 Options evening will be held on Thursday 19th March 4-7pm. More information to follow. 

Final Thought

“When life gets harder, challenge yourself to be stronger”  

The next parental bulletin will go live on Saturday 14th March 2020; enjoy the week