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Y6 G&T Maths and English Session

Posted: 14th March 2019 in Transition

Tuesday 12th March
Sirius Academy North hosted the annual Y6 Maths and English G&T Challenge today. There was an excellent response from local Primary Schools with four different schools in attendance enabling over 60 pupils the opportunity to develop numeracy and literacy skills. The two sessions are part of a series of similar events that aspires to prepare pupils for their forthcoming SATS.

The morning saw Miss Arnett and Miss Cooper host the  Maths challenges. Year 6 pupils planned a family holiday to Australia. They took various things into account such as deals, exchange rates, car mileages, varying flight costs and budgeting for a holiday. The pupils presented their trip to the rest of the cohort, explaining the final cost, how long the trip is for and something to make their trip unique.

The afternoon was lead Miss Taylor and Mrs Anderson reading and writing tasks that needed amazing team work skills within their tables. The tasks sought to develop inference and use of literacy devices within descriptive writing.

Congratulations to all those in attendance. Their attitude, behaviour and enthusiasm throughout was outstanding!

All those that attended are encouraged to visit the Sirius North website and find the transition portal. This will then provide them access to additional resources to improve numeracy and literacy.

Well done!
Miss Peacock and Miss Wilde