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Pastoral Support

Students are supported through a year group structure, whereby they are assigned both a Year Leader and an Assistant Year Leader. Both members of staff are assigned to support all aspects of development of our young people, to include their social, emotional, and mental development.

The assistant head of Year provides an extra layer of support through their contributions to:

-Developing resilience in our students
-Raising Aspirations
-Encouraging re engagement in learning

We operate a horizontal tutor system, whereby the students remain with their year group. Each group is lead by a tutor, who is responsible for monitoring the academic development, attendance, behaviour and welfare of each child. It is with the Form Tutor that parents/carers should make initial contact concerning day to day issues. Any worries of a more serious nature should be drawn to the attention of the Head and Assistant Head of Year

Year 11 students are placed in subject tutors (English, Maths and Science). Here, students will study additional English, Maths and science. Students also receive additional careers advice and support to complete college applications.

New Year 7 students, or those joining the Academy at other times will be assigned a student buddy to help them find their way round and to make new friends. Year 7 have an exclusive use of a Social Area and outside area at break and lunch.

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In addition, House Teams can be contacted via the text only service and house e-mail system. 


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