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Consultation proposal

Consultation proposal for Sirius Academy North

This letter is to inform you of a consultation proposal for Sirius Academy North – to increase the total number of places available for pupils at the school from 1,250 to 1,400 – i.e. an increase in Year 7 intake from 250 to 280 pupils.

The reason for this proposal is that Hull is experiencing an increase in demand for secondary school places. Hull's primary school reception intake reached a peak in 2016.  This is because of historic birth rate trends. This peak will move through the primary school estate and will join Year 7 in September 2023. As a result of the peak in reception intake, a review of forecast place pressures in secondary schools has taken place. Forecasts also show a continual increase in overall pupil numbers as the smaller cohorts leaving the secondary estate are replaced by the larger incoming Year 7 cohorts; therefore overall secondary school pupil numbers are forecast to increase until at least 2024/25.

In order to manage these pressures, a number of expansions have been agreed and delivered at other academies in the city such as St Mary’s College, Kelvin Hall Academy & Kingswood Academy. The proposal to expand pupil numbers at Sirius Academy North supports the efforts in the city to ensure that there are sufficient pupil places created, in particular at schools that are rated as ‘Good’ or better by OfSTED.

The additional places will be created by expanding the existing facilities, including new build classrooms.

In order to expand the school we are required to make an application to the Regional Schools Commissioner, and any views that you express will be used to inform this application.

This consultation seeks your views on whether you support the proposal to expand provision at Sirius Academy North from 1,250 to 1,400 places. The consultation will remain open until Tuesday 23rd February 2021.

Please email [email protected] if you need a form to send us your comments

Yours sincerely
Mr Ravenscroft
Head of School