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Parents Consultation Evenings 2019/20

Parent Consultation Evenings 2019/20 (4 – 7pm)

Thursday 19th September – Year 11 Success Fayre

Wednesday 2nd October – Year 10 Core Subject Evening

Thursday 3rd October – Year 6 Open Evening

Thursday 17th October – Year 7 Pastoral Evening

Thursday 5th December – Year 10 Parents’ Evening

Thursday 23rd January – Year 11 Parents’ Evening

Thursday 13th February – Year 9 Parents’ Evening

Thursday 12th March – Year 8 Parents’ Evening

Thursday 23rd April – Year 7 Parents’ Evening

Thursday 21st May – Year 6 Information Evening

Our Open Evenings are an opportunity to join us in discussing how we can work together to ensure your child's future success. Your child will be given an appointment card and will bring home the completed card for you. Please ensure that your child is aware of any restrictions to your availability, so that they can book appropriate times. Your child is encouraged to attend the evening with you. If your're unable to attend an Open Evening , let your child's House Team know, so that we can book a more convenient time or telephone conversation with you.