Our vision

To create a generation of scientifically literate individuals who can progress into competitive fields such as Chemical Science; the Renewable Energy sector and Medical Physics – key areas where Hull has made its mark on the world. Students will be able to ask the scientific questions that underpin the world around us using a cyclical curriculum that builds on core scientific themes including atoms and elements, human biology and waves. This is underpinned by fundamental scientific skills such as modelling, scientific enquiry, problem-solving and data analysis. 

In addition to our fantastic science, technology, engineering and maths’ curricula, we at Sirius Academy North strive to support young people from all backgrounds so they have the aspiration, no limits knowledge and skills to progress into STEM-related further education and careers.  We achieve this through our broadening horizons programme of STEM sessions, such as the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Top of the Bench Challenge; a national competition in university labs to complete a chemical synthesis unaided.  The Smallpeice Trust STEM days where a community of peers complete hands-on challenges to solve an engineering issue.  Or visits to Big Bang events at various universities to be enthralled by lecturers in their area of expertise.  We also have the Greenpower racing club, where pupils build and race their own 24V electric car against other teams in the region.

With the burgeoning green energy sector developing in our community, there has never been a greater time to further develop the love of STEM subjects within the young people of Hull.

For further information please contact Mr S Williams.