Year 6 Transition

The move from Primary to Secondary Education is a massive change for most boys and girls in Year 5/6

All pupils are faced with a number of barriers to a successful transition.

Traditionally the move from Primary School to Secondary School has a negative effect on the attainment of Year 7’s. The nurturing environment of a Primary School and the hard work of the Primary staff enable them to achieve excellent results in their Year 6 SATs. Thus, it is not surprising that the daunting move to KS3 can set them back, a lapse that can take students the first few terms in Year 7 to recover from.  

At Sirius Academy North we are proactive and seek to identify potential strategies to counter these barriers and suggest practices that could have a positive impact on pupil progress and attainment.

The Academy has a thorough and extensive transition programme that allows all Year 5/6s pupils to make the transition to Secondary Education as seamless as possible.

In the months and years leading up to enrolment in September a number of initiatives and events have been established to enable these students to increase their familiarity with the Academy’s building, staff and ethos.

Attendance and participation at the Academy’s various subject-themed events, sports talent camps, individual Primary School visits, Maths and English SATS workshops, Early Starters programme, SEN support sessions, Transition Week and Summer School, will only increase the chance for a successful transition.

The move to Sirius Academy North should be viewed with great excitement and optimism. We are looking forward to seeing every pupil flourish and fulfill their vast potential.

Congratulations to all those pupils in Y6 that received notification this week that their destination for September 2018 is Sirius Academy North! All pupils will receive their individual Welcome Pack in the next few weeks. This will provide pupils and parents with all the information required to make a successful transition into Y7. This will include key dates for our individual Y6 visits, Transition Week and our phased transition programme. All pupils should have received a congratulatory letter in the interim inviting them and their parents to an initial transition night on Wednesday 21st March (4.30-6.30pm). We look forward to seeing you all! If you have any concerns or queries regarding the allocation or transition process please do not hesitate to get in contact with the academy on (01482) 349600.

David Gordon
Director of Transition SAMAT

Nadine Peacock
Assistant Director of Transition

TRANSITION NEWS What’s happening

Y5 & Y6 Open Evening Thursday 27 September

Y5 & Y6 Open Evening Thursday 27 September

Thank you to all those parents and pupils that attended our Y5 and Y6 Open Night! The lovely summer weather fit nicely with our airport theme, if only we were actually boarding an aeroplane!!

Y5 Summer Visits Monday 9 July

Y5 Summer Visits Monday 9 July

Collingwood, Sidmouth and St Anthony's visited Sirius Academy North today as part of our annual Y5 summer visits.

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