Meet the Staff

The members of staff below will all play a vital part in a smooth transition to Sirius Academy North. It is important that pupils get to know the names of these members of staff and understand how they can support them during their move to Y7.

Miss Nadine Peacock

Assistant Director of Transition

David Gordon

Director of Transition SAMAT

Mr Ian Ravenscroft

Head of School

Mr Steve Jennison

Deputy Head of School

Mr Tom Smith

Assistant Vice Principal Inclusion

Mr Andrew Wilson

Head of House - Neptune

Miss Sabrina Rapp

Head of House Assistant - Neptune

Miss Hannah Caprani

Head of House - Delphin

Mr Christopher Rhodes

Head of House - Delphin (Miss Caprani is on maternity leave so Mr Rhodes is head of house until she returns.)

Mrs Jane Hatton

Head of House Assistant - Delphin

Mr Simon Booth

Head of House - Mazu

Miss Kerry Baron

Head of House Assistant - Mazu

Mrs Alison Healy

Head of House - Triton

Mrs Caroline Madden

Head of House Assistant - Triton

Miss Katie Warrener

Head of House - Poseidon

Mrs Debbie Beadle

Head of House Assistant - Poseidon

Mrs Angela England

Safeguarding Officer

Yvonne Milnes

SEN Coordinator

Mr Jakub Samoraj

EAL Coordinator

Mrs R Walker

Head of House Assistant - Triton


TRANSITION NEWS What’s happening

World Book Day - Thursday 22nd March

World Book Day - Thursday 22nd March

This week the Academy hosted a World Book Day for local Primary Schools. Pupils from Thorpepark Academy, Collingwood Primary School and St. Anthony's Primary School, Pearson Primary School, Hall Road Primary School had the opportunity to participate in Harry Potter themed sessions in English.

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