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[08 Mar 2017]

Debate Club:
Last week Debate Club played the game Werewolves, a game of deception, argument and persuasion. Each student was given a card which told them whether they were villagers or secret werewolves. The villagers’ job was to work together to discover the werewolves, while the werewolves’ job was to secretly work against the villagers.
Everyone had so much fun that the club ran over time! Well done to all the Debate Club members that took part and played some really great games of Werewolves.
Murder Mystery:
As part of a number of activities hosted by the literacy team at Sirius Academy North, a Murder Mystery activity was organised on Wednesday 1 March in the Library. Students arrived in the Library at lunch to find that a ‘murder’ had taken place, and they had to get into teams to assess the evidence and challenge each other for information.
It was very enjoyable and the winning team won a chocolate orange each. Well done to all involved.