Welcome to the safeguarding children section of the website for parents and carers. As an academy, we believe that safeguarding is not only about protecting children and young people from abuse and neglect, but also their families too. It is our intention therefore to support families by signposting them to universal services which may assist families when they are facing difficulties themselves. We currently have a range of links and resources for parents and carers which are available to here. Supporting You

Safeguarding is the responsibility of every person that comes into contact with a child. The Academy’s Child Protection and Safeguarding policy lays out procedures to prevent incidents of potential harm through encouraging openness and support; to train staff to provide protection to young people; and to offer support where necessary.

How to make a referral: 

If anyone has a concern over the safety of a child, please contact the Academy and request to speak to the Safeguarding Coordinator, Assistant Vice Principal with responsibility for Inclusion or The Headteacher. For further details of the safeguarding procedures please see our Safeguarding policy.

Meet the Team:

Tom Smith
AVP Inclusion
Angie England
Safeguarding Co-ordinator
Ian Ravenscroft
Head of School

Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 01482 349600 – Ask for the Safeguarding Team