Quartz Pathway

Quartz Pathway

Our Quartz pathway supports student with English as an additional language. This pathway is for students who arrive with little or no English. These students receive an adapted, intensive curriculum in order to integrate into other pathways over time.

Student testimonies

A – When I came in on my first day I couldn’t speak any English at all. Then I went in the Quartz group and I learnt to speak English. I can now read and write in English and I am in an M group. 

 C – On my first day I was here I started to learn about English language and now I am most confident in speaking English. Thank you for all the support from the Quartz class. 

 I – When I was in year 7 people helped me because I did not know any English and Miss McDonnell helped me in the Quartz class. I started to understand how important it is for me to learn English. In Year 8 I enjoyed the lessons and I still got help from the Quartz class. I have been at the Academy for 4 years now and I want to say a big thank you to all the teachers that have helped me. 

Contact details

SENCO – Mrs Lyndsey Reed [email protected]

Quartz Co-ordinator – Miss D Cox [email protected]

Quartz Co-ordinator – Mrs Catherine McDonnell [email protected]