Our Curriculum


Our curriculum is designed to maximise the NOW, prepare for the NEXT and set the foundations for LATER. Our curriculum is rooted in our 5 curriculum principles: No limits, Respect, Support, Broadening horizons and Community.

The Sirius Academy North curriculum is a “No limits” curriculum which provides access to a broad and balanced curriculum. Students access a balance of academic, creative, social, vocational and character education.

Our subjects are sequenced to link KS2 to KS5 and provide a structure for No Limits learning. Our sequences are regularly reviewed to provide unique curricula and access to the best knowledge in all subject areas.

We believe students should maintain the broadest possible curriculum for the longest time possible to ensure a firm foundation for any later, unknown steps in life. Students begin to specialise in Year 10 though the offer remains broad to maintain flexibility for the next steps after Year 11.

We are committed to learning beyond the examination subjects to further broaden the horizons of our students. Our PSHE, Lesson 1 and world studies programmes are innovative ways of broadening our curriculum.

Finally, our curriculum is intertwined with all aspects of the Academy, from practice (homework) to visits and trips, from assessments to enrichment clubs.

No Limits

Our curriculum provides a strong vocational core based upon EBACC subjects. The academic core is matched with access to high quality vocational courses which have expanded rather than narrowed. Our students maintain a broad range of subjects from years 7 to 9.

Each subject curriculum has been researched and refined to provide our students with the best knowledge and skill available.


Beyond the academic and vocational, we have a strong emphasis on attitude to learning, character education and reflection. This is often delivered through our lesson 1 and assembly programme. Respect is a vital quality for all lessons and for now, next and later.


We have no limits of all students, however, we recognize that we may need support to get there. Our curriculum follows a number of unique pathways designed to create truly inclusive education: Magenta, Emerald, Diamond and Impact. Our pathways are just one of many ways we support our students.

Broadening Horizons

Each subject curriculum has been researched and refined to provide our students with the best knowledge and skills available. All students receive a broad and enriching curriculum.  Lesson 1 and PSHE supplement our other subjects in order to develop character and an understanding of the wider world. Our subject curriculum is enriched through practice (homework), visits, trips, clubs and speakers. Our curriculum broadens horizons. The subject curriculum is also bolstered by sessions in vital life skills such as financial education, careers education and additional arts education.


There are opportunities throughout our curriculum to enhance our sense of community. Across our curriculum students learn about fundamental British values as well as social, moral, spiritual and cultural education.

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In addition to our fantastic science, technology, engineering and maths’ curricula, we at Sirius Academy North strive to support young people from all backgrounds so they have the aspiration, no limits knowledge and skills to progress into STEM-related further education and careers…

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