Diamond Pathway

Diamond pathway has been developed utilising psychological research to support the delivery of the “No Limits” curriculum in an emotionally safe environment. Typically, Diamond caters for those who are, for a range of reasons, not accessing Magenta pathway, limiting progress for themselves and others. The curriculum offer is broadly the same as magenta to allow for movement between pathways.

Diamond pathway provides an alternative pathway by supporting students with, smaller class sizes, the most experienced staff, increased support and a dedicated area.

Student testimony

Jack (Y11 2021/22)

‘You two (Mr Rhodes and Mr Rust) and other teachers are the reason why I’ve got through school. You believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. You have never given up on me even when I got things wrong. You always supported me and I started to do better with my work in Year 11.


Charlie (Y8D 2021/22)

I like it in Diamond Pathway. The teachers help me with my anger and they are always calm when they speak to me. If I do something wrong they give me timeout to let me calm down and talk about what I should do next.

Diamond Pathway Contacts

Diamond Pathway Manager: Mrs R Netherton: [email protected]

SLT Link for Diamond Pathway: Mrs E Fryer: [email protected]

Tel: 01482 349600