Emerald Pathway

Emerald Pathway

Emerald Pathway provides a safe, purposeful and respectful environment for students with barriers to their learning. Through a well sequenced, broad and balanced curriculum, Emerald pathway provides enhanced targeted support to develop the skills for adulthood and to play an active part in the wider community. Students are empowered to get involved and widen there knowledge through inclusion in whole school experiences. Emerald pathway motivates students to challenge themselves with No Limits on what they achieve.

Student Testimonies

“I like that you get more support” Megan (8E1)

“Teachers help me read the questions” Thomas (7E1)

“It is fun and whenever you don’t want to go outside, you can sit in here” Tia (7E1)


Emerald Pathway Contacts

SENCO: Mrs Lyndsey Reed – email: [email protected]