Transition FAQ's

Will my child be able to visit the academy before September 2020 and Year 7?

Due to COVID it is unlikely we will be able to have Y6 in the Academy before September. We have some plans we are working on but this will be dependent on the government. Please keep checking the website and Twitter for up-to-date information.

How can my child prepare for Sirius Academy North?

Read through the welcome pack and use our website to find out all about Sirius Academy North. Make sure you have the correct equipment and school bag to keep it in.

Where do I purchase a uniform for my child?

This is purchased online. There is some information in the welcome pack and we will be sending out an update in the coming weeks because obviously this year will be slightly different with COVID.

How will I know what Tutor and/or House my child is in?

Our director of transition will be sending out a letter in June to inform all Y6 of their house and tutor.

How do I pay for my child’s school dinners?

This is currently under review; previously we used a biometric finger print, although we are now changing this system to minimise contact and thus prevent the spread of covid-19. We will update you further in the summer term.

Is my child eligible for a Free School Meal?

You need to contact Hull City Council as they hold the information.

Are breakfast and break-time snacks available?

We have a magic breakfast club, offering free bagels, toast, cereal and porridge to all students every morning. At break there are snacks available.

Can I obtain a Bus Pass from Sirius Academy North?

The Academy do not have anything to do with bus passes. They are issued through Hull City Council. Please contact them direct.

What subjects will my child study in Year 7?

There are the core subjects, Maths, English, Science. As well as numerous other subjects such as, MFL, Art, Computer Science, Music, Food Technology, PE, History, Geography, Beliefs and Values, PSHE, and textiles.

What extra-curricular clubs are available to my child?

There is a full timetable of activities for students to take part in before and after school. Please check the website to see the enrichment timetable.

What is the My Ed application?

MyEd is the app that SAN use to keep in touch with you. We send letters, texts and vital information via the app, therefore it is imperative that you download it.

Why can’t I see my child in the My Ed application?

You can download the app now but unfortunately until your child becomes live on our system in September you won’t be able to see them. As soon as they start with us in September as long as the mobile number we have for you on our system is the same number that you have downloaded the app on you will be able to add your child and see all of their information.

What should I do if I have any concerns regarding my child’s transition to Sirius Academy North?

If you have any concerns please send an email to Nadine Peacock [email protected]