Broadening Your Horizons

Building an awareness of the world, building vocabulary and broadening horizons is a way to increase academic achievement now and therefore to give access to more options next. Increasing your knowledge and awareness of the world, broadening your horizons will support you later in life in many ways.

The rich knowledge and skills you learn in your timetabled lessons is a key way to broaden horizons but here are many other opportunities for you to do broaden your horizons:

  • Use the cultural capital information around the Academy
  • Follow the reading routes
  • Votes for schools in lesson 1
  • Enrichment clubs
  • Ask for subject specific reading in your subjects
  • Enrichment competitions
  • Get involved in student voice

Enrichment Activities

Our Enrichment Programme is designed to give you the opportunity to try new things, explore and develop new interests outside of the classroom. You can acquire skills such as communication, teamwork and leadership that will help when entering higher education and employment. The thorough provision compliments the opportunities provided by the Personal Development Pathway too.

At Sirius Academy North we have a variety of extracurricular activities that caters to our whole Community. These range from school trips with your classmates, sporting activities with teams or lunchtime and after school clubs with your friends.

With a whole timetable to follow with clubs running every night of the week – there is something for everybody.

Combined Cadet Force

Follow this link for more information – HERE