Badminton KS3 Success

[13 Nov 2015]

An update on the Badminton tournament that took place at St Mary’s College last night.

Myself and Chris Rhodes travelled over to St Mary’s with the following 5 students from Yr 7 and Yr8:

Joshua Cruiz Yr 8
Dylan Coupland Yr 8
Vittokrani Akbar  Yr 8
Reece Jones  Yr 8
Taffarell Parikesit Yr 7

The students were up against a St Mary’s A, St Mary’s B and Kelvin hall A team.

Vittokrani, took to the court first, playing a Year 9 student from St Marys B team. Vittokrani, looked very comfortable on court and soon attracted the attention of the spectators and other students in the sports hall, with his outrageous flair and talent.
Vittokrani, finished the game under 4 minutes, with a convincing 21-4 win.

Joshua narrowly lost his singles match with a score of 21-20. However, Dylan and Taffarell, soon made up for the loss by winning the first doubles event of the night with a score of 21-16.

Reece Jones and Joshua wrapped up the win by completing a convincing win, securing the points against St Mary’s B team.

Vittokrani, faced a second Yr 9 student from St Mary’s A team and once again dominated the game from start to finish, with a convincing win 21-10.

The remaining three games against St Mary’s A team, were very tight encounters, with both teams competing to an high level. however, St Mary’s came out on top of two games, leaving the scores 2-2.

Overall, the 5 boys will now travel over to St Mary’s to play their A team in the final, in December. Please congratulate the boys when you see them.

Vittokrani skills soon attracted the attention of the member of staff from St Mary’s, and he challenged Vitto to a game. The game was a very tight affair, with Vitto showing control on the court. Vitto was a fans favourite and the chant of Vitto, sounded around the sports hall. However, due to fatigue and few unforced errors, the score went in the favour to Mr Berry from St Mary’s 24-22.

Gary Spink