Change is happening at Thomas Ferens Academy

[23 Jan 2015]

We are delighted to take this opportunity to introduce you to our Academy. The transition from Primary to Secondary education is the next exciting step in any student’s learning journey. The wealth of opportunities provided can be both empowering and uplifting. At Thomas Ferens Academy we are aiming to provide all our students with the very best educational experience and help create an enthusiasm in all our young people not just for their academic education whilst at the Academy but also into their future.

The goal is for all our students to feel that they can believe, achieve and succeed.

Change is happening at Thomas Ferens Academy and the journey has just begun based on three aforementioned fundamentals – Achieve – Believe – Succeed.

Over the past term the Thomas Academy community have been building the firm foundations for providing first class education in North Hull that will prepare students for the needs of later life.

Thomas Ferens students are shaping their own futures by taking an active role in the changes happening daily within the Academy.

We are proud that our community is truly diverse. Our community is truly multicultural having students from some twenty-five different countries and ethnic backgrounds. The English as a Second Language Department (EAL) at Thomas Ferens is invaluable in supporting students to cope with the variety and complexity of English language materials used during their secondary education. In order to support every student at the Academy and provide the same life opportunities to achieve we provide additional English language teaching to assist students whose first language is not English. This support continues until the student becomes more accurate and fluent in using English.

Thomas Ferens Academy is one of Hull’s iconic new buildings soaring distinctively into the sky over North Hull and is one of the Building Schools for the Future schools. The facilities are no less impressive than this architectural beacon. The interior boasts state of the art facilities, a world class ICT infrastructure supported with fast paced contemporary modern technology/ devices that support learning and teaching fit for purpose in the 21st century.

The Head boy and Head girl said-
“There have been many changes to the Academy that have helped our progress in all classes, the curriculum and school day has changed, behaviour is so much better and the support to Year 11 in particular is great. We are rewarded everyday for hard work, effort and progress… it is now a place where everyone can achieve”.

Leonie and Matthew Year 11

Record numbers of students are joining the Academy and are quickly settling in to shaping their own future.

Record numbers are reaching expert learner status which supports students in developing the key skills needed to be successful in the Academy but also in the world of work such as presentation, problem solving team work and punctuality.

Students see the benefits of the attitude to learning programme in addition to their academic studies.

The high quality of teaching and learning at Thomas Ferens ensures students are making progress in all subject areas. Teachers are consistently delivering engaging and challenging lessons to all students. The teachers at Thomas Ferens have high expectations of all students and strive to achieve the best outcomes for every single student, and all are taking part in exciting CPD sessions to further enhance the quality of teaching and learning to deliver a high quality curriculum.

The confidence of Year 11 students at Thomas Ferens Academy has gone from strength to strength this year. They have a contagious enthusiasm and an ‘I Can!’ attitude that is tangible. They have a renewed sense of ‘achiever fever’ as they race towards their summer examinations.

The Thomas Ferens slogan… ‘BELIEVE, ACHIEVE, SUCCEED’ has never been so embedded in these young adults psyche.

How has this been achieved? Reduced class sizes, focused intervention and subject experts that have honed their super skills and worked intensively with these youngsters. This has given the students ownership of their futures and a belief in themselves that is shown on every face.