Congratulations – Maths and English G&T Challenge

[24 Oct 2017]

Congratulations to the following Primary School pupils for their excellent performance at our recent Maths and English G&T Challenge. The pupils were rewarded for their inference skills and creativity with a selection of books chosen by our English Department.

Cara B and Maryam Y (Stepney)
Monica F and Grace M (Clifton)
James C and Daisy J (Parkstone)
Aidan C and Kristiana B (Collingwood)
Jaheim W and Ella S-B (Endike)
Jodie F and Olivia R (Thorpepark)
Adam M (St. Anthony’s)
Charlie M and Kaylem R (The Green Way)

We hope you enjoy them! Send us a Tweet or e-Mail us back at the academy with your own review so we can show everyone.

Well done! Mr Gordon and Miss Peacock.