Covid-19 Update – 13 March

[13 Mar 2020]

I would like to provide reassurance that we are taking all precautionary measures in safeguarding pupils at Sirius Academy North to avoid possible infection of the Covid-19 virus. Such measures include disinfecting communal areas including handrails, door handles, dining tables and all computer keyboards with antibacterial wipes and products.

Good hygiene especially washing hands or using hand sanitiser is a recommendation of the Public Health England to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. We have suspended assemblies until further notice and have asked pupils to wash their hands before eating. As a precautionary measure, we will limit the number of pupils using the dining room at any one time.

We have a planned contingency that enables us to continue to provide work and support pupils, especially those on examination courses, if the Government takes the decision to close schools. 

I would like to reassure you there have been no reported cases of pupils or staff contracting Coronavirus in the Academy so all measures are to protect and safeguard our pupils. If anyone in your household suffers from a cough and/or a very high temperature of above 37.8°C, they must self-isolate with all other family members to prevent the spread of the disease.

The Coronavirus pandemic is likely to continue for several months and therefore attendance at school is very important. We will keep you updated with any changes via letter where possible, the MyEd app and our website. We will continue to review activities on an individual basis.

Sirius Academy North is committed to safeguarding pupils, staff and the wider community. I am confident that if we work together we can ensure that all pupils can continue their education during this difficult situation.

Yours faithfully
Ian Ravenscroft
Head of School

Update: 17th March

Following Health Guidance, in order to mitigate the risk of infection from COVID – 19 we would ask parents to refrain from purchasing meals and uniform with cash due to transmission risk associated money handling.

We have a well established online payment system for the MIFARE Cards, Parent Pay ( Sirius Academy West ) and Tucasi ( Sirius Academy North ) that can be used to make payments. Should you require help with this our staff will be happy to assist you.