Crazy Chemistry Lecture

[19 Mar 2015]

Between the 16th-20th March students at the Thomas Ferens Academy will be given the opportunity to engage in an exciting programme of activities for British Science Week 2015. Throughout the week there will be two engaging live lunch time lectures called ‘Crazy Chemistry’ and ‘Blood Bones and Body Bits’. Students will also be able to take on the Science Chaser (The Physicist – Mr Smith) during a Science Week Special of The Chase game show. There will be a TFA record breaking ‘Fire Finale’ to end the week’s lunch time programme of events.

Year 7 students will be taking part in a special British Science Week series of lessons where they will create a new bath bomb product. They will compete in an ‘Apprentice’ style competition and will be judged on their designs, advertisements, knowledge and understanding of neutralisation reactions, collaboration and presentation skills.

Every student will participate in the tutor time British Science Week programme. This will involve houses competing against each other in ‘The Ultimate Science Quiz’, the ‘Building Bridges Challenge’ and the ‘Spaghetti Tower Building Challenge’.

The TFA Science Week vision is simple: to entertain, inspire and most importantly to stimulate curiosity.