Cross country action from Friday afternoon

[17 Nov 2015]

Ellen Harrison and Katie Warrener, travelled to St Mary’s College with 40 eager students, several of them had not represented the Academy previously.
The students managed to miss the heavy downpours throughout the afternoon, however, it left the course very muddy and draining on the legs. With 11 Secondary schools attending, each race category had a minimum of 120 students taking part, therefore there were lots of battles, as students hustled and jostled for position.
The races ranged from 3km to 5km, we are still waiting for the official results to be sent through but we have some provisional results that we would like to share with you.
Remember a minimum of 120 students in each race category.
Reece Jones 21st
Chris Mathers 7th
Aristedes Cunha 3rd
Brandon Smith 16th
Bailey Fuller 19th
Owen Stanley 33rd
Jamie Logan 31st
Cara Lowther 11th
Keeley Tommassi 13th