Cross Country

[02 Nov 2023]

12 students participated in the Hull Schools cross country competition at the University of Hull. The students faced challenging conditions as the rain added an extra layer of complexity to the races, making the terrain slippery to navigate. Despite the adverse weather, it didn’t dampen the enthusiasm and determination of these dedicated students. As they crossed the finish line, smiles filled their faces, and they felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

All the students demonstrated incredible resilience, working hard and representing the school impeccably. Special congratulations must go to Hannah (Yr8), for achieving a remarkable 9th place in the Year 8 and 9 category. Lily (Yr7), and Jack (Yr10) also deserves recognition for their 15th and 19th place finishes, respectively. These students will be invited to the next round of the competition. Congratulations to all the students who were selected.