Eleanor and Lucie at the British Cheerleading Association Nationals Competition

[17 Apr 2015]

Eleanor Smith and Lucie Poucher both Year 9 girls are part of a Hull cheer leading group called the Diamond white stars. The group train at Sirius Academy/Bonus Arena, the girls train twice a week for around two and a half hours.

Over the Easter holiday the group entered a national competition in Telford where other teams from around the country, along with a team from America competed for The National Championship   The teams were judged by a very experienced team of cheerleading experts from America.

The Diamond White Stars where in the Junior level 2 catergory and came 9th out of 14. They then competed in the Senior level 2 category and came 6th out of 18. If the team had gained just one more point In the Senior level then they would have come third in the competition and entered into a worldwide competition. In the Senior group there was only 2 points between first place and 18th.

The team are trained by Julie Coward who also trains the girls for the Airlie’s Angels Hull FC dance/cheerleading team, the girls perform routines at all Hull FC home games and charity events.

Wish the girls and their cheerleading team all the very best of luck in their next completion in June.

If you would like more information on the cheerleading team or wish to look into joining the group please look at the website: www.diamondwhitestars.com