Games Workshop School Alliance

[16 Nov 2016]

For over a month now SAN has given students an opportunity to develop their model making and wargaming skills by participating in Games Workshop School Alliance Club. So far almost twenty students from Year 7 to Year 11 have been making and painting detailed fantasy and military models and have recently begun to stage table top battles against each other.
The club has attracted many experienced “war gamers” as well as enthusiastic novices allowing students to develop their artistic, organisational and mathematical skills. The SAN club will also have the opportunity to compete against local schools as well as enter national competitions organised by the Games Workshop Company.
The club has become so popular that students have stayed behind after school on additional days, giving up their free time to construct models that can be used by others. The relationships that are being developed by the students is a pleasure to watch as they take ownership of what they are doing, organise working groups / teams and ensure that everyone is respected and has a role to fulfil.
Any student interested on joining the club should contact Mr. Green in 2K3. Sessions are held on Tuesday afternoons.