GCSE Physical Education 23-27/03/2015

[17 Apr 2015]

Rock Climbing

Monday 23-03-15, Ravenswick quarry

All students completed a warm up, then fitted helmets after which we moved on to introducing low level traversing and its purpose. Then moved onto safe harness fitting with key points to aid self-fitting. Introduction to belay technique and tying of ‘figure 8’ knots, split into groups of three to practice belaying and knot tying with a extra person ‘tailing the rope’. Introduction to tying of ‘bowline’ knots and equalising of two anchors within the climbing wall.

Tuesday 24-03-15, Scugdale

Students ran their warm up, followed by low level traversing and bouldering. Where jamming and mantle shelving were introduced and coached. Students were then able to practice these skills on roped climbs. In the afternoon an abseil was set up, students were briefed on the correct technique, and then performed the skills. During the evening session climbing skills were improved, jamming, mantle shelving, laybacking. Also practice with belaying during a fall.

Wednesday 25-03-15, Park Nab (am)

Starting with students setting up equalised anchor points using gear placements at the bottom of the crag. The group then worked in two halves, some working to improve learned skills and apply them to the outdoor environment. Whilst others set up their own equalised anchor system.

Mountain Biking

Wednesday 25-03-15, East Barnby – Hinderwell

Introduction to fundamental bike skills, balance, gears, controlled stopping. Moving onto small drops, peddle position, body position. Then moved onto use of gears and speed during a short ride along easier terrain.

Thursday 26-03-15, Dalby forest

Morning session on ‘skills loop’ area. Using rollers to create speed, riding berms with good balance, track position, peddle position. Further work on gear selection, looking at selecting gears before they are required. Afternoon session at dixons hollow, using red sections of descent to improve berm riding, focal point, stance.

Friday 27-03-15, Dalby forest

Full day on red route, consolidating skills learned during the week. Higher level students working on basic jumps. Others improving gear selection and cadence on the uphill sections. Berms and downhill sections, improving speed and judgement. Building skill level of speed generation from rollers and short down hill sections, better expression and route choice.