Head Boy makes professional stage debut in Heads Up Festival

[05 Apr 2015]

‘Making his stage debut in Hair of the Dog’ at the tender age of 15 is Matthew Parker, ‘who confidently strutted around the stage as if he owned it’ Festival review- http://www.headsupfestival.org.uk/blog_entry/3049/home/blog/follow_our_blog/duck_seriously_entertaining_double_bill

On Friday 20th March,Thomas Ferens Head boy Matthew Parker made his professional stage debut in the show ‘Hair Of The Dog’ performed by Penny Duck Theatre. The show was performed to a sellout crowd as part of the 4th Heads Up Festival in the new theatre space Kardomah 94. Organised by Hull based company E52 and Battersea Arts Centre, the festival presents some of the most exciting theatre in venues throughout Hull.

Matthew was extremely excited to be cast in one of the lead roles, Danny, a young whimsical character with a passion for thievery. The experienced cast of Penny Duck Theatre were impressed with Matthew’s skill and performance, ‘for someone who is so young and still learning the craft of the stage, he held up well against the rest of the cast, who have years of experience. Considering it was his first professional performance he didn’t let his nerves show and certainly stole the audiences attention in his scene.’ – James Marsters of Penny Duck.

Matthew went onto say ‘This has been a fantastic experience and one that I will always look back on with a sense of pride and excitement, I hope this is the start of my career as an actor. I would like to thank Ms Buck for giving me the confidence and passion that I now have for acting and Mr Wilson for all his hard work and the help that he has given me’.

After the performance, Matthew has already had to reject a London tour with 2020 theatre due to a clash with the performance and his GCSEs but already the future looks bright for Matthew.